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Static-X and Sevendust “Machine Killer Tour” Electrifies Orlando, Florida on February 2, 2024



Static-X and Sevendust are back on the road together, bringing the “Machine Killer Tour” all over North America. On February 2, 2024, they played what is likely the first outdoor amphitheater show of the year at the Orlando Amphitheater, located on the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando, Florida. The weather was warm enough to be outside, with enough of a night-time chill for fans of all ages to sport their favorite rock band sweatshirts. Scanning the crowd, which filled the pit in front of the soundboard, it was clear that fans of both bands were in attendance. Lines Of Loyalty and Dope opened the show with early half-hour sets. 

Lines Of Loyalty kicked things off at 6:15 PM, just as the sun was setting on the large lake next to the amphitheater. Most were not familiar with this band, but they seemed to enjoy the quality of the songs being performed. 


Band Members:

Nubz Morrison – Vocals, Guitar

Redo Ianni – Bass, Vocals, Keys

Shane Madsen – Drums, Percussion




1. Hurts to be Human
2. Blackout
3. My Addiction
4. With or Without You
5. Winless War
6. Because of You
7. I’m Not the One


New York City nu-metal band dope was up next, providing an exciting 30 minutes of crowd-pumping sounds. Lead singer Edsel Dope was a dynamo on stage, getting the crowd involved at every opportunity. His best moment was completely unscripted, as his 3-year-old daughter was attending her first live concert, and simply did not understand why she could not crawl and run to Daddy. She even yelled at him to stop singing and tried to take his mic away. It was a touching moment and quite the contrast to the “burn it all down” mentality of the music. 


Band Members:

Edsel Dope – Vocals

Acey Slade – Guitar

Daniel Fox – Bass

Chris Warner – Drums




1. Blood Money
2. Bitch
3. Bring It On
4. Debonaire
5. Die, Boom, Bang, Burn, Fuck
6. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Dead or Alive cover)


Sevendust has been dominating stages for 3 decades now. They are never content to rest on their laurels or repeat themselves. On this tour, they unleashed a heavy set of songs, playing them in front of strobing lights, and flickering video screens. Drummer Morgan Rose is sporting face paint, as he pounds the skins and screams his vocals. Clint Lowery seems to adding new levels of distortions to his solos, an excellent effect that fit in well with the overall vibe of the evening. Lajon Witherspoon always takes care to connect with every member of the audience, asking fans to tell people that they attended a rocking family reunion that night. Many local music celebrities were on hand to support John Connolly, who lives in the area.


Band Members:

Lajon Witherspoon – Vocals

John Connolly – Guitar, Vocals

Clint Lowery – Guitar, Vocals

Morgan Rose – Drums, Vocals

Vince Hornsby – Bass




1. I Might Let the Devil Win
2. Truth Killer
3. Alpha
4. Till Death
5. Pieces
6. Hero
7. Denial
8. Black
9. Strong Arm Broken
10. Enemy
11. Everything
12. Splinter
13. Bitch
14. Face to Face


Static-X is continuing their “Project: Regeneration” era, a tribute and a celebration of late singer Wayne Static. Original members Tony Campos, Koichi Fukuda and Ken Jay have been recording music and touring with a character named “Xer0” performing Wayne’s duties as vocalist, guitarist, and programmer. Xer0 is actually Edsel Dope, wearing an elaborate mask and costume, an homage to Static. The performance features a very moody set, complete with numerous video walls, props, and large creatures parading across the stage. The vibe is similar to a Rob Zombie show, but somehow even darker. Although some fans left early after Sevendust finished, there was still great energy and motion in the audience throughout the set. Central Florida showed out, the weather was great and the 2024 outdoor concert season is off with a bang.


Band Members:

Tony Campos – Bass, Vocals

Koichi Fukuda – Guitar, Keyboards

Ken Jay – Drums

Xer0 (Edsel Dope) – Vocals, Guitar




1. Hollow
2. Terminator Oscillator
3. Love Dump
4. Sweat of the Bud
5. Wisconsin Death Trip
6. Fix
7. Bled for Days
8. Black and White
9. This Is Not
10. Z0mbie
11. Get to the Gone
12. I Am
13. Destroy All
14. Cold
15. I’m With Stupid
16. Push It







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