jakub | September 3, 2023

‘Succession’ creator Jesse Armstrong settles ‘underlined or crossed out’ debate

Succession creator Jesse Armstrong appears to have settled a debate that emerged regarding the fourth episode of the show’s final season.

Following the death of business magnate Logan Roy (Brian Cox), an important typed document was found that appeared to name his son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) as his successor as chief executive of the family’s media empire, WayStar Royco. However, there was a line in ink that started under Kendall’s name but moved up through it, prompting debate over whether his name was underlined or crossed out.

At a Financial Times event in London yesterday (September 3), Armstrong suggested what the actual answer to the question was, which he would have definitively known since he was the one who drew the line itself on the paper.

“This is the sort of thing I would have hated to do while we were still doing the show,” Armstrong said. “But if you were going to cross out, you wouldn’t start out underneath, would you?

Armstrong then put his index finger to his temple in a “think about it” gesture.

Meanwhile, Sarah Snook, who played Shiv in the hit HBO show, revealed why she thought her character decided to sabotage Kendall’s chances of taking control of the media conglomerate after seeing her brother put his feet up on the desk of their late father.

“I think it’s just pure instinct,” she said. “I think it’s a trigger response. It’s scratching an open wound that is always there with the siblings. And this was in the script in the big print — when she sees Kendall put his feet up on Dad’s desk? There’s something in her that goes like, ‘Ahhhhh!’ Sorry to swear, but, ‘Motherfucker!’”

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