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The Beat Farmers invade The Session Room For Night Two at the HopMonk in Novato, California on March 30, 2024



The Beat Farmers performed at the HopMonk Novato with San Geronimo in Novato California on Saturday, March 30, 2024. This was the second night of the performance and it was a special night with the impact of this show should be felt around the globe. 

San Geronimo was the first band to take the stage. This is a local band from Marin County and they were phenomenal. They can rocked and rolled with the best of them and just plowed through their set. They played all kinds of tracks including an original song that went into Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and then segwayed back into the previous song. The “Cabo Song” was equally entertaining but the highlight of the set was a solid version of “War Pigs”. The whole show was amazing!  


Follow San Geronimo band members:

Darren Nelson – vocals. acoustic & electric guitar

Jeremy D’Antonio – vocals, acoustic & electric guitar

Dave Zirbel – pedal steel, electric guitar

Danny Luehring – drums, percussion

Kevin White – bass



The Beat Farmers were without Country Dick Montana (RIP) but, they were still great. Starting with the song “Ridin,” as it set the stage for what was to come. They railed through the songs telling stories in between which made it a real personal. They told an awesome story about Dave Alvin and The Blasters and a three-way food fight. Then it was off into the song “Make it Last” to round it out.  The set continued with stories and songs like “Deceiver”, “California Kid” and HideAway.” The highlight of the set was “Happy Boy” with a crowd of Kazoo players. It’s by far my favorite song of theirs and they didn’t disappoint.  

The encore was super rad as well. Four songs didn’t seem enough but, four is what we got. We were all stoked for it and the band was totally into it. Unfortunately, the time came to say goodnight and we were out. If you weren’t at this show, you really missed out. This was a top-notch show.


Follow The Beat Farmers band members:

Joey Harris – guitar, vocals

Jerry Raney – guitar, vocals

Rolle Love – bass

Joel Kmak – drums







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