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The Klash Of The Titans Tour with Testament and Kreator Arrived at the Festiva Convention Center in Lima Peru on April 19, 2023.



Testament and Kreator, two legendary Thrash Metal bands began their Latin American tour in Peru last Wednesday, April 19 at the Festiva Convention Center in Lima, Peru. This tour was announced by the Peruvian production company DangerSteel several months ago and generated a lot of expectation among Peruvians since both bands are very loved with in the country. Testament is for many fans the band called to replace Slayer within the Big Four of North American Thrash Metal along with Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax while Kreator is considered one of the four great German Thrash bands along with Sodom, Destruction and Tankard. Coincidentally, both bands returned to Peru for the fourth time and for the first time together on this tour called Klash Of The Titans that will also visit Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and El Salvador.

The two previous times that I saw Testament I was impressed by the power of their show so the expectations for this time were very high and in the case of Kreator, for various reasons I could not see them on their previous visits, so this was the opportunity to, finally, be able to see and photograph them. In addition, both bands have released impressive albums such as Titans of Creation that Testament released just when the Covid 19 pandemic began in 2020 and that had no promotional tour until now and Hate Über Alles that Kreator released in 2022.

The announcement that the doors of the Festiva Convention Center would open at 6.30pm and that Testament would start the show at 7.30pm surprised many because it was an unusual time for a metal concert here in Lima. It took this photographer an hour and a half to get to the location because the traffic was unbearable at that time. Testament came on stage at the exact time, and I arrived a few minutes late, so I had to run to the pit at a time when “Rise Up” was playing, a song from the Dark Roots Of Earth album that was followed by “The Pale King” from the album Brotherhood Of The Snake. In the long run, these would be the only songs they would play from these albums, since the two previous visits were precisely to promote them. Then would come “Children Of The Next Level” from the last album to date Titans Of Creation. At this point, the public was in ecstasys, jumping and chanting all the songs before the joyful gaze of the great Chuck Billy, the band’s vocalist. Beginning with the fourth song “Practice What You Preach” from the album that bears the same name, Testament would review several of his most emblematic albums such as The Legacy, The Gathering, The New Order and The Formation of Damnation in addition to those previously mentioned.

It is worth noting the display of energy of the band on stage, Chuck Billy joking with the public and with the security personnel whom he invited to join the mosh pit and the guitarists Alex Skolnick and Eric Petersen exchanging technically perfect riffs and solos. Special mention for the base made up of bassist Steve DiGeorgio who sounded immense and the new drummer Chris Dovas who, at only 24 years old, had the responsibility of replacing the great Dave Lombardo who could not be on tour. After 70 minutes came the farewell with the songs “Over the Wall” and “Into The Pit” which ended with a loud ovation from the public that already filled the two areas of the venue. The farewell was very emotional and as soon as the band got off the stage, the technical staff rushed to lower an immense black curtain to prevent the public from seeing the preparations for the Kreator show.



Chuck Billy – Vocals

Alex Skolnick – Guitars

Eric Peterson – Guitars

Steve DiGiorgio – Bass

Chris Dovas – Drums




1) Rise Up

2) The Pale King

3) Children of the Next Level

4) Practice What You Preach

5) The New Order

6) The Haunting


8) D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)

9) 3 Days in Darkness

10) Night of the Witch

11) Henchmen Ride (First time live since 2015)

12) The Formation of Damnation

13) Over the Wall

14) Into the Pit


At 9:20 pm, just a few minutes after the agreed time, the notes of “Sergio Corbucci Is Dead” began to sound through the speakers, the anxiety of the public was noted with shouts and applause until the curtain fell and the band on stage performed the song that gives name to the new album Hate Über Alles, anxiety gave way to emotion and ecstasy, the stage was decorated with the giant 3D bust of the Phantom Antichrist character that appears on the album of the same name and that has already become a classic element in the band’s shows in addition to hanging corpses that gave a macabre atmosphere to the stage.

The band led by the inexhaustible Mille Petrozza downloaded an overwhelming setlist that did not give any rest to the public that was already on fire after the presentation of Testament. Emblematic songs like “Awakening of The Gods”, “Enemy Of God”, “Hordes Of Chaos” and “Satan Is Real” unleashed one of the most brutal mosh pits seen in recent months in Lima. Petrozza was very communicative with the public, inviting them to participate in the mosh pit. The setlist was very varied with emblematic songs from several of their albums, being Endless Pain, Extreme Agression, Violent Revolution and the latest Hate Über Alles, the only albums from which they played 2 songs. We could say that the show was a selection of the band’s greatest hits, which made Kreator’s fourth visit to Peru the most memorable.

The end of the show would come with “Violent Revolution” that resounded throughout the Festiva, followed by “Flag Of Hate” with Petrozza waving a large flag on stage to finally perform the anthem “Pleasure To Kill”. A few days have passed and both bands continue their tour of South America while in Peru we still haven’t recovered from one of the most memorable Thrash Metal shows of the last few years.



Mille Petrozza – Vocals, Guitars

Jurgen Ventor Reil – Drums

Sami Yli-Sirniö – Guitars

Frédéric Leclercq – Bass




1) Sergio Corbucci Is Dead

2) Hate Über Alles

3) People of the Lie

4) Awakening of the Gods

5) Enemy of God

6) Strongest of the Strong

7) Betrayer

8) Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)

9) Satan Is Real

10) 666 – World Divided

11) Extreme Aggression

12) Terrible Certainty

13) Endless Pain

14) The Patriarch

15) Violent Revolution

16) Flag of Hate

17) Pleasure to Kill





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