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The Melvins and Boris performed to a nearly sold-out crowd at Houston’s Warehouse Live, and the audience absolutely loved every single minute. Houston’s Warehouse Live, a well-known Houston concert venue, has two stages; a larger ballroom where I’ve always seen and photographed artists, and a studio, with a smaller stage that serves a much more intimate crowd. Tonight, the Studio was the chosen site for the epic Melvins with Boris “Twins of Evil” tour. This was both good and bad; good because a packed venue is always exciting, but bad because I’m fairly certain there were people who wanted to see the show, but were turned away at the door. As I stood outside in the bag check line, I heard murmurs of “are there tickets left?” and “the Melvins? NO SH**!” Because the Studio at Warehouse Live only holds about 500 people, having a ticket for this show felt like winning the lottery.

People of all ages have loved the Melvins for decades, and it’s no wonder why. Even the Melvins’ front man Buzz Osborne is quoted as saying “this tour will be a stone groove”. And a stone groove it was. From the first note to the last, the Melvins had the audience completely mesmerized and fully immersed in the hills and valleys of sound for which they are most admired.

Starting the set was “Ligature”, followed quickly by “Your Blessened” and “It’s Shoved”. Osborne seemed in rare form (but isn’t that always the case?), and bassist Steve McDonald entertained us with his antics. I have to give a shout out to Coady Willis (sitting in for Dale Crover) – this man is a drum god. If you’ve never seen him play (and I don’t say this often), you are missing a phenom. It’s no wonder he’s in this band. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Melvins. In typical fashion, moshing was permitted and was celebrated. Even in this small space, the crowd made room for a mosh pit, and it was glorious to see.

The set was rounded out by “Night Goat” and “Boris.” During the final moments of “Boris”, each band member slowly left the stage, one by one. Finally, it was only Osborne on stage, with his guitar and one stage light piercing through his wild blond hair. He continued to play, with the crowd’s attentiveness interrupted only by occasional shouts of “WE LOVE YOU”, which inspired him to continue playing for just a few more amazing moments. He gave a final bow to the crowd and after saying a hearty “Thank You!”, he swiftly left the stage. There are still a few dates left for this incredible show, and it would be a shame if you missed the opportunity to witness music history in the making.





Buzz Osborne – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Steven Shane McDonald – Bass

Coady Willis – Drums




1). Ligature

2). Your Blessened

3). It’s Shoved

4). Anaconda

5). Zodiac

6). Cow

7). History of Bad Men

8). Honey Bucket

9). Revolve

10). Night Goat

11). Boris


After a short stage reset, Boris appeared on stage. Darkly lit and with heavy doses of fog and moody colors, the eerie setting was perfect for the highly theatrical threesome. An iconic band, Boris is yet another group of musicians whose music has survived the test of time. Formed in the early 90’s in Tokyo, Boris can best be described (as much as they protest categorization) as “experimental doom metal”. Their set was melodic, sometimes harsh, sometimes soft(er), but always powerfully heavy. Boris is a treat for the eyes and ears.




Atsuo – Lead Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Electronics

Wata – Lead Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard

Takeshi – Vocals, Bass, Rhythm Guitar 




1). Heavy Friends

2). Korosu

3). Dyna-Soar

4). Wareruraido

5). Soft Edge

6). Rattlesnake/Dronevil

7). Death Valley

8). Koei

9). The Bell Tower of a Sign

10). 1970






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