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Them Dirty Roses Rock The Texas Crowd at Heff’s Burger Bar in Abilene, Texas on March 17, 2023


St. Patrick’s Day in Abilene, Texas, got a little dirty thanks to Them Dirty Roses stopping at Heff’s Burger Bar on their current tour. During the pandemic, I started photographing these guys in Austin, Texas. They played the iconic Antone’s Nightclub, and I have been a fan ever since. Hailing from Gadsden, Alabama, these guys are the real deal. The energy and talent they bring to their shows can’t be beaten.

Starting the show, The Stray Sons from Amarillo, Texas, started the party and ramped up the crowd. A newer band to the scene, these guys have a lot of potential. Their stage presence was fantastic, and you can tell they love what they are getting into. 

Their set included new tunes they had been working on and covers that the crowd sang along to. They played two covers I really enjoyed. The first one was Ginuwine’s “Pony.” I’ve wanted a rock/country version of this song for years, and they nailed it. Super great rendition. The second was Dylan Wheeler’s “Bad Bitch.” It is one of my absolute favorite songs ever written. The band had a great rapport on stage and even had a Jack Daniel’s break to ensure the band was hydrated to finish the show. 

Their original song, “Bigger Bitch” was a hit at Heff’s Burger Bar. Make sure to check it out on Spotify or where you download music. By the time The Stray Sons finished their set, the crowd was super rowdy and liquored up for Them Dirty Roses. 


The Stray Sons:

Brad Sanders – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Jared Golden – Lead guitar

  Trent Jones- Bass 

Josh Grussendorf – Drums




1.) Blackwater Riff

2.) Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

3.) Dirty Laundry

4.) Pride and Joy

5.) Baby I Ain’t/Pony

6.) Song I Can Drink To

7.) Bad Girl

8.) Hard Working Southern Man

9.) Tennessee Whiskey

10.) Outlaw

11.) Can’t You See

12.) Thunder Struck/Bad Bitch

13.) Bigger Bitch

14.) Falling Apart

15.) Blackwater


Them Dirty Roses have been traveling more and more frequently to Texas, opening for such bands as Whiskey Myers, Giovannie and The Hired Guns, and Cody Canada and The Departed. As a result, they have been steadily gaining a loyal fan base throughout the US, and with the energy they bring to their shows, you can’t help becoming an instant fan.

When Them Dirty Roses hit the stage, you better be ready. They go from 0 mph to 80 mph in about .03 seconds. They have this electric energy and immediately bring you to the South. While Lynyrd Skynyrd is present in their sound, they push it even harder with their guitar-heavy riffs and high-volume stage presence.

They started the show with “Grew Up In The Country,” an anthem for all kids growing up in a small town and being proud of it. Then, the boys continued to play their original songs, “Molly,” “Whiskey in My Cup,” “Good Life,” “You Can’t,” “Black Magic Lady,” and one of my favorite songs, “Sunday Drunk.”

To get the crowd more interactive, they played my absolute favorite song, “Hate Me.” When they say Fuck Me, the audience screams Fuck You. It is my favorite part of their live show; the audience always loves participating. They are so well composed but so raw at the same time. They can play a song as perfectly as it sounds on the record and then go into a full-on jam session the next second.

The boys finished their 19-song set right before Midnight with “Shake it.” The lights dimmed, they walked off stage, and Abilene, Texas, had their first experience with Them Dirty Roses. They will be back in Texas next month with shows in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and even an appearance at Larry Joe Taylor Festival. Get out and support these guys if they are visiting your area!


Them Dirty Roses:

James Ford – Vocals + Guitar

Andrew Davis – Guitar

Ben Crain  – Bass 

Frank Ford – Drums





1.) Intro

2.) Grew up in the Country

3.) Molly

4.) Whiskey in My Cup

5.) Sunday Drunk

6.) Highway My Home

7.) Good Life

8.) Fix You

9.) Back Home

10.) You Can’t

11.) Black Magic Lady

12.) Whipping Post

13.) Mississippi Queen

14.) Birmingham Steel

15.) Hate Me

16.) Cocaine & Whiskey

17.) Hits & Pills

18.) Holy Roller

19.) Shake It






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