jakub | December 15, 2023

“There’s a level of uncertainty”

Paramore have opened up on the future of the band, sharing that there is a “level of uncertainty”.

The band – comprised of frontwoman Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York and drummer Zac Farro – have recently wrapped up their massive world tour Last month and are set to hit the road as opening support for Taylor Swift during the UK and EU legs of her ‘Eras’ tour next year.

Speaking about the end of their tour, in support of their sixth studio LP ‘This Is Why‘ in an interview with Uproxx, they mentioned how the completion of their 2022 album means that they have fulfilled all label obligations and are essentially effectively free agents.

Looking at the future of Paramore, they agreed that there is a level of uncertainty but went on to reassure that they will still be together and continue having fun. Williams said: “The only thing that matters is we will still get to be each other’s community,” with Farro adding: “I just hope we can keep building the Paramore empire and then rule the world.”

In a five-star review of ‘This Is Why’, NME said: “Paramore are reaching to where, finally, their music has wanted to get to for the best part of the past decade. Rather than try to top their peerless anthems, the band have instead uncovered a new warmth on ‘This Is Why’, and the effect is triumphant indeed.”

Earlier this year, Paramore told NME that they consider the release to be “the scariest record we’ve ever made.”

“We were grounded and feeling confident in one aspect of our lives and we were in such a safe bubble,” Williams said. “Then we knew we were going to make something that wasn’t in that safe bubble and that was terrifying. The expectation is the main thing that would slow us down. There’s a lot more people waiting than there was the last time we did this.”

In other news, Williams responded to repeated technical problems onstage during one of Paramore‘s recent Australia shows.

During their performance of ‘Hard Times’ from fifth album ‘After Laughter‘, the pyrotechnic sparks used during the show fired at the wrong time, prompting the frontwoman to awkwardly laugh and look back at the stage bemused.

The singer proceeded to change the lyrics for the outro of the song, singing: “Somebody’s getting fired / Beyoncé did it so we can too / and I can’t wait to speak with you / it’s the third time this has happened to us“.

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