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Thrice Celebrates 20 years of The Artist in the Ambulance at Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 4, 2023



It was a fantastic night for a rocking show at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall, where longtime rock band Thrice performed to a sold-out crowd on a Sunday night. The band recently re-recorded the 20th anniversary of their album, The Artist in the Ambulance. They celebrated the release by headlining a worldwide tour to play the album in its entirety. As Sunday’s show was sold out in minutes, the show was going to be a memorable one for many fans of Thrice.

The opener of the show was post-rock band Holy Fawn. The band showcased their amazing brand of shoegaze music, which brought the audience to their full attention. One fan, in particular, shouted out various times expressing their love for the band, which delighted lead singer Ryan Osterman. Fans of shoegaze and post-rock music will love Holy Fawn’s brand of songs.



Ryan Osterman – Lead vocalist, guitar

Evan Phelps – Guitar

Austin Rienholz – Drummer

Alexander Rieth – Bass




1. Candy

2. Dark Stone

3. Death Is a Relief

4. Void of Light

5. Yawning

6. Glóandi

7. Seer


The band members of Thrice arrived onstage with an uproar of cheers from the sold-out crowd. As the beginning notes of “Cold Cash and Colder Hearts” began, the audience immediately sang the lyrics to the fullest. Thrice have been known as one of the best live bands, and it showed with their effortless and energetic play in their respective instruments. The Artist in the Ambulance features a mix of different genres: metal, post-hardcore, emo, and pop. So, it’s not surprising Thrice is still a band that people are still listening to after 20 years, and how they can naturally progress well as a band.

After playing through the album, Thrice played a second set featuring deep cuts from their previous albums, such as “Yellow Belly,” and “Where Idols Once Stood.” The crowd continued to belt out the lyrics from start to finish, showing the joy and admiration of Thrice’s music for many years. After the band performed “The Earth Will Shake,” the band left briefly before coming back for a 2-song encore with a cover of “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” by The Beatles and “The Long Defeat.” The last song proved to be a memorable moment of the show when Dustin walked to the front of the stage to hear the crowd singing the final words. 



Dustin Kensrue – Lead vocalist, rhythm guitar

Teppei Ternishi – Lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

Eddie Breckenridge – Bass, backing vocals

Riley Breckenridge – Drummer




1. Cold Cash and Colder Hearts

2. Under a Killing Moon

3. All That’s Left

4. Silhouette

5. Stare at the Sun

6. Paper Tigers

7. Hoods on Peregrine

8. The Melting Point of Wax

9. Blood Clots and Black Holes

10. The Artist in the Ambulance

11. The Abolition of Man

12. Don’t Tell and We Won’t Ask

13. Motion Isn’t Meaning

14. Summer Set Fire to the Rain

15. Black Honey

16. Where Idols Once Stood

17. The Red Death

18. The Weight

19. Yellow Belly

20. The Earth Will Shake


21. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (The Beatles cover)

22. The Long Defeat




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