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Underground Legends Of Thrash Hirax Returned To Lima, Peru At The Yield Rock Bar on Saturday 4th, 2023.



Exactly 24 hours after the presentation of D.R.I in Lima, we returned to the Yield Rock Bar to welcome another American Thrash legend. Hirax, a much loved band in Peru returned to our country to give us a night of pure old school metal thanks to Danger Steel Productions. They appeared on the Californian scene in 1984 and went on to play with other legends such as Metallica, Exodus and Slayer on the Los Angeles and San Francisco circuit. Hirax did not achieve the fame of the aforementioned bands, but they managed to have a good number of followers that accompany them to this day and all thanks to the work of vocalist Katon W. de Pena who is the only original member of the band and one of the most charismatic singers of the world metal scene. His charisma has earned Hirax a huge fan base here in Peru. Since days before his arrival, Katon sent us messages via Facebook and Instagram. I had the opportunity to meet him on his previous visit a few months before the global pandemic and from there we have talked through social networks. As a photographer it was very exciting to be able to see him again on stage since his physical deployment and charisma allow us photographers to take very good photos as you will be able to appreciate later.


Peruvian heavy metal band Knuckles Revenge was in charge of opening the show and they did it in a very forceful way, with songs like “Mean Machine” and “Never Ending Hollow” and also the singles from their upcoming album “Sunset Fighter” and “Rockers Never Die”. The public received them in a very good way because little by little they have been gaining the respect of the fans with their two-guitar style influenced by the heavy metal of the 80s and which reminds us of bands like Judas Priest and Accept.



Alexis Rodriguez: Vocals

Antonio Rojas: Guitar

Jose de la Flor: Guitar

Martin Goncalvez: Bass

Juan León: Drums






1.Redemption (Intro)

2.Mean Machine

3.Never Ending Hollow

4.Unleash The Wolf

5.Sunset Fighter

6.Rockers Never Die

7.The Shredder


After the presentation of Knuckles Revenge and minutes after midnight, Hirax began his show with the song “Battle Of The North”, an instrumental song from his 2009 album El Rostro de la Muerte that was followed by “Hellion Rising” from Immortal Legacy, released in 2014 and which is the last studio album recorded to date. The new members of the band adapted very well to the vocalist’s style and released all their energy on stage, interacting with the audience and encouraging them to mosh and singing the songs.


Katon made sure that nobody stopped jumping and shouting and he approached the public at all times to shake their hands, point at them and make gestures of approval. Rarely do you see such an active frontman who spreads so much passion for metal. Songs like “Warlord Command” took us to the first album Raging Violence from 1985. The New Age Of Terror was also visited with songs like “Hostile Territory” and almost at the end of the show with “El Diablo Negro”, one of the most emblematic songs of the band. Before ending the show, Katon introduced his entire band and thanked the audience who had attended and congratulated them for being true metalheads who kept the scene alive. The end would come with “Bombs Of Death” and the promise that the band would go out for a while to sign autographs and take photos with the fans and they did. The next day they continued their trip to Chile where they would play together with D.R.I.



Katon W. De Pena: Vocals
Neil Metcalf: Guitar
Chris Aguirre II: Bass
Danny Walker: Drums





1.Battle Of The North

2.Hellion Rising

3.Baptized By Fire

4.Warlords Command

5.Black Smoke

6.The Plague

7.Faster Than Death

8.Lightning Thunder – Solo- Hate, Fear & Power

9.Hostile Territory

10.Criminal Punishment

11.Mouth Sewn Shut

12.Broken Neck

13.Blind Faith

14.El Diablo Negro

15.Bombs Of Death






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