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Warehouse Wired Featuring Nonpoint, Adelitas Way, Blacktop Mojo and More at Warehouse Live in Houston, Texas on March 24, 2023




It was a mega music night at Warehouse Live in Houston, Texas, when seven bands played on Friday, March 24th. Above Snakes, Moon Fever, Sumo Cyco, Otherwise, Blacktop Mojo, Adelitas Way, and Nonpoint rocked the venue and the crowd. Concertgoers had a double concert experience.


Above Snakes kicked off the concert with their song, “Nothing to Lose.” The Boston, Massachusetts-based band has a very energetic and theatrical presence in their show. Their song, “Crash and Burn,” was my favorite of their set. They ended their set with their song, “The Broken Ones,” and made way for the next band to come on stage.




1.) Nothing to Lose

2.) Never Alone

3.) Crach and Burn

4.) Living The Nightmare

5.) 81 (Thallium)

6.) Down

7.) Broken Ones


Moon Fever practically flew in on stage and made their presence known. They had tons of energy and moved all over the stage. Lead singer, Cody Jasper, twisted and contorted his body while belting out the vocal throughout their set. They really brought great energy and passion to Houston, Texas.



Tom Petty – Lead Vocals

Mike Campbell – Lead Guitar

Jeff Lynne – Bass Guitar

Phil Jones – Drums



Next up, Sumo Cyco, from Hamilton, Ontario, was the first band to take the stage in the Ballroom at Warehouse Live. Female-fronted with a lot of attitude and sass, Sumo Cyco was a fun band to photograph and watch. Lead singer Skye Sweetnam commanded the—stage with her amazing vocals, seductive dancing, and fun rock and roll personality. As a spectator, you knew performing was her passion.

The rest of the band continued that energy as they played their nine-song set, which included a killer System of a Down cover. Later on, I saw the band taking photos with fans at their merch booth, and Skye still had the same energy she had on stage while talking with the fans. Great band to see live.



Skye “Sever” Sweetnam – Vocals

Matt “MD13” Drake – Guitar

Oscar Anesetti – Bass

Joey Muha – Drums




1.) Undefeated

2.) Love You Wrong

3.) The Ugly

4.) Vertigo

5.) B.Y.O.B (System of a Down cover)

6.) No Surrender

7.) Run With The Giants

8.) Move Mountains

9.) Bystander


Otherwise took the stage next. The band from Las Vegas, Nevada came on stage ready to entertain. They brought a very emotive and explosive set to the lineup. Their set included several crowd-favorite songs that fans moved along to with the band. My favorite moment was their cover of “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine. 



Adrian Patrick – Lead Vocals 

Ryan Patrick – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Joe Conner – Drums



1.) Die For You

2.) Coming for the Throne

3.) Crossfire

4.) New Way to Hate

5.) Full Disclosure

5.) No Rain (Blind Melon cover)

6.) Soldiers

7.) Killing In The Name (Rage Against The Machine cover)


Blacktop Mojo was my favorite band on the bill. Not because they are from Texas but because they were so fun to photograph. I love a good southern rock and soul band. They had guitars, cowboy boots, and loud vocals; what is not to love? They moved all over the large stage and flirted with the crowd.

They made performing look so effortless. Their songs and arrangement were flawless. Their on-stage camaraderie was felt. They photographed like they were jamming in their garage, having a blast, and enjoying each other’s company. Texas grunge was promised, and they delivered.



Matt James – Lead Vocals 

Nathan Gillis – Drums 

Matt Curtis – Bass, Backing Vocals 

Chuck Wepfer – Rhythm Guitar 

Touring members

Malcolm Booher – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals 




1, Strike Me

2. EOD

3. BTS

4. Latex

5. Won’t Last


7. Whole Lot


Adelitas Way was the last band to take the side stage room for their set. They opened the show with their song, “Bad Reputation.” Their drummer, Trevor Stafford, was fun to watch and photograph. He entertained the audience by throwing his drumsticks in the air between drum beats. Their loyal Houston fans sang along to every song, and they finished their set with their song, “Invincible.”



Rick DeJesus – Lead Vocals

Trevor “Tre” Stafford – Drums, Percussion 

Andrew Cushing – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals 

Grayson Erhard – Lead Guitar 




1.) Bad Reputation

2.) Still Hungry

3.) Sick

4.) Ready for War

5.) Alive

6.) Last Stand

7.) What it Takes

8.) Cage the Beast

9.) WTF

10.) Notorious

11.) Refused

12.) Invincible 


Finally, it was time for the last band to take the stage. Nonpoint came out and punched you right in the face with their music. They came out swinging. One of the most energetic bands I have ever photographed. They were all over the stage. I couldn’t keep up!

Their set design was super cool. I liked the Emerald City theme and the set that encompassed the stage. Lead singer, Elias Soriano, commanded the crowd’s attention with every word he belted. The crowd became increasingly engrossed in their music as they played their set.

Ending their set with “Bullet with a Name,” the lights turned off, and the crowd ended an almost 7-hour concert experience at Warehouse Live. It was a great night with seven incredibly talented bands.



Elias Soriano – Lead Vocals

Robb Rivera – Drums

Rasheed Thomas – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals 

Adam Woloszyn – Bass

Jaysin Zeilstra – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals 




1.) What a Day

2.) Mindtrip

3.) Paper Tigers

4.) Dodge Your Destiny

5.) Circles

6.) Chaos and Earthquakes

7.) March of War

8.) The Truth

9.) Heartless

10.) Alive and Kicking

11.) Ruthless

12.) That Day

13.) In The Air Tonight

14.) Bullet With a Name




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