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Alestorm Decimates Ace Of Spades in Sacramento, California on April 12, 2024



Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California, hosted three metal bands on April 12, 2024, Alestorm from Perth, Scotland, Elvenking from Italy, and the power metal band Glyph from Seattle, Washington.

The crowd settled in and at approximately 7:00 pm, Gluph started the show filled with energy and got the crowd into it from the first note. In their own words, they describe themselves as an “Intergalactic Power Metal band from the planet Volaria! ” Founded in 2022, the band was so tight, they sounded as if they had been together for decades. From Volaria or Seatle, it didn’t matter as Gluph put everything out on the stage and the crowd responded positively. 


Follow Glyph band members

Jeff Black – keyboards

Darin Wall – bass

Rob Steinway – guitars

R.A. Voltaire -vocals



No Setlist available


Starting their set with “Rapture,” off their 2022 release Reader of The Runes-Rapture,  Elvenking started the show on a strong note. Their pagan metal show just shredded and as the songs went on, the crowd really got into it. Throughout the set they played band favorites “Pagan Revolution”, “Moonbeam Stone Circle” and “The One We Shall Follow”. They littered their tunes with Irish folk tunes which gave their delivery an amazing sound. At one point, there was a debate about who was the loudest crowd Boise, Idaho, or Sacramento? Well, Sacramento… DUH! They finished their set with “The Divided Heart” and “Elvenlegions” off the 2014 release’ The Pagan Manifesto and dedicated the song to all of the Glyph fans, all of the Alestorm fans, and all of the fans that love metal.


Follow Elvenking band members:

LETHIEN  – violin

SYMOHN – drums

DAMNA – vocals

HEADMATT – guitars

AYDAN – guitars

JAKOB – bass




1). Rapture

2). The Hanging Tree

3). Draugen’s Maelstrom

4).Pagan Revolution

5). Silverseal

6). Moonbeam Stone Circle

7). To Oak Woods Bestowed

8). Pagan Purity

9). Bride of Night

10). The One We Shall Follow

11). The Wanderer

12). The Divided Heart

13). Elvenlegions

14). She Lives at Dawn


Alestome, a Pirate Metal band kicked it off with “Keelhauled” from Captain Morgan’s Revenge which was released in 2008. The set was fun with a capital “F” and they shredded through each song. Working through “The Sunk’n Norwegian”, “Under Black Banners” and “Wenches & Mead For Dogs” the crowd got louder and more into the show. The new songs From their latest release Voyage of the Dead Marauder, “Uzbekistan” and “Voyage of the Dead Marauder ” were well received by the crowd.  They had a shark come out for one of the songs. 

 They even had Barbara Blackthorne the vocalist from the Symphonic Power Metal Band Empress come out and join Alestorm on the song “The Voyage of the Dead Marauder” and that a great addition to the show. The song was obviously a crowd favorite and the audience went wild. But another hit, “P.A.R.T.Y.” which spotlighted of the night.  Before we all knew it, the band left the stage to a roar of the crowd. As the roar continued, the band came back out to even louder crowd appreciation. They played three more songs, “Drink”, “Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship” and Barbara Blackthorne came back out for “Fucking With an Anchor Ace” and the show was finished.

In my opinion, “Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship” was a true highlight of the set.  Good job guys! 


Follow Alestorm band members:

Christopher Bowes – lead vocals, keytar

Gareth Murdock – bass, backing vocals

Peter Alcorn – drums

Elliot Vernon – keyboards, unclean vocals, backing vocals

Máté Bodor – guitars, backing vocals




1). Keelhauled

2). No Grave but the Sea

3). The Sunk’n Norwegian

4). Alestorm

5). Under Blackened Banners

6). Hangover (Taio Cruz cover)

7). Uzbekistan

8). Wenches & Mead For Dogs

9). Magellan’s Expedition

10). Mexico

11). Voyage of the Dead Marauder

12). Big Ship Little Ship

13). Nancy the Tavern Wench

14). P.A.R.T.Y.

15). 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)

16). Shit Boat (No Fans)


17). Drink

18). Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship

19). Fucked With an Anchor Ace







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