jakub | March 14, 2024

All You Need To Know About Tech House

Tech house exists as a popular genre in the electronic music scene, with a thriving community of DJs and a passionate following of fans. The genre emerged in the 1990s as a fusion of techno and house music. It unites the driving beats and hypnotic rhythms of techno with the grooves and energetic sounds of house. Tech house tracks typically focus more on grooves and beats rather than vocals. Today, the genre is best known for its complex percussion, catchy melodies, and deep basslines. 

In my opinion, it’s a great time to be a tech house fan! Right now, there are some fire new tracks from well known artists like Fisher, with his infectious hooks, and AC Slater with his bass-heavy grooves. There are so many new beats dropping that I have on repeat in the car and also love hearing on the dance floor. 

My favorite new track is called “Beats for the Underground” by Mau P! I got to see him live at Beyond Wonderland SoCal in 2023 and let me tell you, this man does not disappoint. Mau P has a talent for creating infectious and energetic rhythms that make you want to never stop dancing. “Beats for the Underground” is 100% one of those songs that gets the party started and definitely should be added to your playlist. 

If you have been a fan like me you have definitely heard of “Losing It” by Fisher. This track is the reason why I started listening to tech house and everyone knows it is a guaranteed anthem. Fisher has dropped newer songs recently including “Atmosphere”, “Take it Off”, “Just Feels Tight”, and his newest remix of “Somebody(2024)”. If you want to hear high energy music that’ll make you dance all night, then these are definitely the songs for you!

Another artist who is an OG to tech house is AC Slater. With his record label, Night Bass, he focuses on a bass-driven tech house that has been going strong for 10 years now. Some of his tracks that are a must listen are “Seismic”, “Laid off”, “Night Rider”, and his newest track “Bassface”. 

An artist I had the opportunity to see this past weekend at Phoenix Warehouse Project, is an absolute legend in the genre of tech house and his name is Green Velvet. Any of his tracks are amazing examples of tech house in which they all have signature vocals and vibey beats. Some of my favorites include “Deceiver”, “Jolean” and his newest release, “Hot N Spicy”. 

One last tech house artist I could not forget to mention is Cloonee. With his fresh take on tech house I see him as only becoming more and more popular. From the sounds of one of his recent Vegas residency sets he most definitely has a new banger dropping soon and you NEED to keep an eye out for this one. I can’t wait for it to drop and it most definitely will shake the tech house community. 

All of these DJs are part of the many talented artists that currently shape the scene- which I love because of how diverse and exciting it is. If you haven’t yet, you should definitely go experience some of these artists live! Maybe you too will become an avid tech house lover like me 🙂

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