jakub | June 20, 2023

AMC pulls “anti-trans” documentary ‘No Way Back’ from cinemas following backlash

AMC has cancelled planned screenings of the documentary film No Way Back: The Reality Of Gender-Affirming Care following criticism.

The film is described as the “definitive documentary on detransition” and follows five young people who discuss the medical care they’ve received for gender dysphoria.

According to a press release, it takes a “non-religious, non-political, and non-ideological look on the subject of gender-affirmative medical practises, the risks and side effects of cross-sex hormones, surgeries, and the long-term health implications of gender medicalisation”.

Following the announcement earlier this month that AMC theaters would screen the film from June 21, LGBTQ+ organisation The Queer Trans Project called for people to protest against screenings of the “anti-trans” film to combat “the spread of misinformation” about gender-affirming care. A Change.org petition received over 2,500 signatures.

On Saturday (June 17), The Queer Trans Project shared that their efforts were successful on Instagram. “We did it! Our community’s swift action is a testament to the power of advocacy and the importance of raising our voices against harmful content,” the organisation wrote.

“Your collective efforts have made a significant impact, and the decision to pull No Way Back from AMC theaters is a step towards fostering a more inclusive and respectful environment. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to creating positive change.”

In a statement from the film’s production company Deplorable Films, who describe themselves as “not Hollywoke”, the makers reject claims that the film is “anti-trans” or “right wing”. “It is quite evident that those undertaking this crusade against this film have not had the courtesy of seeing it before taking such extreme actions against it,” the post reads. “We stand by our filmmakers.”

One of the documentary’s subjects, Joel Kass, distanced himself from the project on TikTok earlier this year, claiming his interview by the filmmakers was “chopped up into little bits” and didn’t “fully reflect my actual views and thoughts on transgender healthcare”.

“I apologise, and I hope that it did no damage,” Kass said. “I would hate to think that something I was a part of could be viewed by a legislator and impractically influence thought-making, decision-making processes, or just scare the shit out of parents of trans kids that come out to them. As always, every single one of you has my love and my support.”

Speaking about his experience on the film, Kass added: “I gave very thoughtful, ethical, correct responses to interview questions, and every single thing I said was taken out of context, cut all apart, piece-mealed into something that served the agenda of another party entirely. So I apologise. I didn’t know what I was a part of.”

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