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Amelia Day Shines at Exit/In in Nashville, Tennessee on April 17, 2024




Amelia Day‘s performance at Exit/In Nashville, Tennessee on April 17, 2024, with Girls Night opening, showcased her exceptional talent and marked her as an artist to keep an eye on.

Dressed in tutus, shades, and tiaras, Girls Night ignited the stage at Exit/In with an energetic fervor that set the scene for a night of musical excitement. Infusing their performance with a fusion of funk, disco, soul, and R&B influences, Girls Night crafted an exciting blend of rhythms and melodies. Their mission was clear from the start: to create an atmosphere where the audience could unleash, dance freely, and have a carefree evening. Drawing in a devoted local fan base, particularly among the college crowd, Girls Night’s magnetic presence and infectious beats transformed the venue into a hub of joyous celebration. Their delivery and infectious grooves kept the crowd entertained and dancing throughout the set.



Mitch Krueger – Vocals

Adam Krodel – Guitar

Jack Bagwell – Bass

Kyle Germain – Drums

Sam Nadler – Saxophone

Zach (unknown)  – Piano

Charles Schmitt –  Trumpet



More fans trickled into the venue just in time to see Amelia Day take the stage at the intimate venue. Day, known as a singer-songwriter, brings a unique blend of folk/Americana with moments of jazz, rock, and even sapphic pop, creating sounds that are both familiar and refreshingly original.

Day’s voice is beautifully textured and rich, giving an essence of Brandi Carlile. Similar to Carlile, Day can flip to a beautifully powerful and clear sound in her higher register. It’s hard not to draw comparisons to artists like Brandi Carlile, Maggie Rogers, and Ani DiFranco when experiencing Day’s music. However, she does bring her own voice and style to the mix, creating a sound that is distinctly hers. Additionally, her ability to produce sheer emotive force adds another layer of depth to her music.

One of the standout moments from the evening was Day’s cover of Amy Winehouse‘s “Back to Black.” The way she seamlessly transitioned from singing to walking across the stage to play the piano on the song was chill-inducing. It was a breathtaking moment that showcased her immense talent as a multi-instrumentalist and powerful vocalist.

It wasn’t just Day’s musical prowess that captivated the crowd; it was also her stage presence. She commanded the stage with rare confidence and maturity, effortlessly drawing the audience into her world. Despite her young age, she exuded wisdom and performed as if it were second nature. The focus of the show was not on elaborate production but on the music itself and the intimate connection forged with the audience, highlighting Day’s authenticity and ability to engage her listeners on a profound level.

Other highlights of the evening included Miki Fiki joining Day onstage to sing “Sink In,” a new song set for release on May 10, 2024, which was a delightful surprise for the audience. Additionally, when Day played her perhaps most popular song, “Therapist’s Wet Dream,” the crowd’s anticipation was palpable as they sang along enthusiastically, with some even jumping up and down in excitement.

As the concert reached its peak, with the crowd chanting for an encore, it was clear that Amelia Day is an artist on the rise. Her ability to command the stage, coupled with her skills as a multi-instrumentalist, sets her apart as a special artist with a promising future. From her soul-stirring covers to her own heartfelt compositions, Day’s music resonates deeply with audiences, making her an artist to watch.



Garrett Arwood – Bass

Sesean Orlovich – Drums

Nick Wilson – Piano

Jordan Haas – Guest Vocals

Luke Dailey – Guest Vocals

Nico Zavala – Guest Vocals




1.  Pause

2. Skippin’ Down the Sidewalk

3. Dial Drunk (Noah Kahan Cover)

4. The Songwriter

5. When You Let Your Hair Down

6. Sink In

7. Little One

8. Silhouette

9. Back to Black (Amy Winehouse cover) 

10. Alma Mater

11. Therapist’s Wet Dream

12. Genesis

13. Eastward of Eden






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