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Amy Ray and Her Band Create Musical Magic at City Winery in Nashville, Tennessee on May 15, 2024




At City Winery Nashville on May 15th, 2024, Amy Ray and opener Minton Sparks created an intimate atmosphere as they prepared for a night of memorable music and storytelling. The venue, with tables bathed in candlelight, set the perfect stage for fans to immerse themselves in heartfelt tunes and engaging performances.

Minton Sparks, as the opening act for Amy Ray, delivered a captivating performance that wove storytelling, poetry, and music into a seamless tapestry of charm and emotion. Her distinctive style, blending spoken word with bluesy melodies, painted vivid portraits of life, filled with humor, heartache, and resilience. Sparks’ magnetic presence on stage drew the audience into her world, where each story felt like a journey into the depths of human experience. One highlight of the set was when Sparks’ was joined on stage by her daughter Liza Hill whose soulful voice brought some audience members to tears. Minton Sparks set a compelling tone for the evening, leaving a lasting impression that lingered long after the last note faded.



Minton Sparks / Vocals

John Jackson / Guitar

Liza Hill / Guest Vocalist




1.  If I needed You (Townes Van Zandt / Emmylou Harris / Don Williams Cover)

2. Keys to the Kingdom

3. Granny’s Panties

4. Exploding Bear

5. Back of the Bus


The air was charged with anticipation as fans of Indigo Girls and Amy Ray eagerly awaited Amy Ray’s entrance onto the stage, heralding an evening of music that surpassed mere entertainment. With Ray and her band bringing their A-game, a fervor ignited, transforming the venue into a sanctuary of sonic bliss.

As the opening notes of “Sure Feels Good Anyway” resonated through the space, Amy Ray’s magnetic presence and the band’s tight-knit cohesion set the stage for an unforgettable experience. The audience, renowned for their unwavering support and enthusiasm, added an extra layer of energy to the performance, creating an atmosphere of collective celebration and musical communion.

Amidst the euphoria, one audience member’s candid confession echoed the sentiments of many: “I just want to yell like an idiot but I don’t want to embarrass myself.” This confession encapsulated the freedom and camaraderie of the concert, where many fans felt liberated to express their passion and connection to the music without reservation.

“Tonight I’m Paying the Rent” elicited an explosive reaction, especially with its heartfelt nod to Nashville and the Bluebird Cafe, underscoring the special connection between the artist and the city. “From This Room” stirred deep emotions, palpable in the swaying crowd and teary eyes across the venue.

Another highlight of the night was Alison Brown’s mesmerizing banjo solo during “Oh City Man,” showcasing the band’s exceptional talent and drawing cheers and applause from the captivated crowd. Amy Ray’s seamless blending of introspective ballads with infectious anthems kept the energy at its peak, captivating listeners and inviting them to lose themselves in the music.

Throughout the night, it was abundantly clear that Amy Ray had brought her signature blend of folk-rock energy and heartfelt lyricism to create an unforgettable evening at City Winery. Her palpable connection with the audience, as she shared stories behind the songs and interacted with fans throughout the set, underscored her status as a seasoned performer. Amy Ray’s ability to craft songs that resonate deeply on a personal level, coupled with her band’s audacious talent, left attendees in awe. Together, they embodied the essence of musicians who not only entertain but also leave a profound and lasting impact through their music.



Amy Ray / Vocals, Guitar

Jeff Fielder / Guitars, Dobro, Bass, Mandolin

Matt Smith / Pedal Steel, Dobro, Guitar

Jim Brock / Drums 

Adrian Carter / Fiddle

Kerry Brooks / Upright Bass

Alison Brown / Banjo

Daniel Walker / Keys

Becky Warren / Vocals




1. Sure Feels Good Anyway

2. Duane Allman

3. Share the Moon

4. Dadgum Down

5. Joy Train

6. Subway

7. I Didn’t

8. More Pills

9. A Mighty Thing

10. Oh City Man

11. Oyster and Pearl

12. The Rock Is My Foundation

13. They Won’t Have Me

14. Bus Bus

15. Anyhow

16. Tonight I’m Paying the Rent

17. From This Room

18. Chuck Will’s Window

19. Sparrow’s Boogie

20. Bondsman

21. Didn’t Know a Damn Thing






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