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Animal Collective announce ‘Merriweather Postwater Pavillion’ vinyl repressing

Animal Collective have announced a special vinyl repressing of their classic album ‘Merriweather Postwater Pavillion’. Find details below.

Announced today (March 13), the new reissue comes in celebration of the album’s anniversary – with 2024 marking 15 years since it was first released.

To mark the milestone, a deluxe vinyl repress is set to arrive on June 28 via Domino. It will be the first time the album has been shared on a colour disc.

‘Merriweather Postwater Pavillion’ will be available as a 2xLP in Translucent Green and Bluish and comes in a reflective foil jacket. It will also include a 10-inch version of the band’s iconic single ‘My Girls’ with a B-side featuring a live recording of the unreleased track ‘From A Beach’. The latter was recorded during a 2007 BBC Radio 1 session.

Check out the anniversary edition vinyl below, and visit here to pre-order.

Animal Collective's 'Merriweather Postwater Pavillion' reissue, 2024
Animal Collective’s ‘Merriweather Postwater Pavillion’ reissue, 2024. CREDIT: Press

‘Merriweather Post Pavilion’ was universally acclaimed upon its release in 2009 and was named the Number One best album of the year by countless music outlets.

Upon its release, NME gave the album a glowing four-star review. “‘Merriweather…’, their psych-pop pinnacle, shares the simultaneous relentless complexity and instant simplicity of the best Of Montreal albums,” it read. “But where Kevin Barnes’ last effort got lost in its clever-clever weirdness, shifting rhythms and textures in a way that felt like standing onboard a bus going down a mountain, Animal Collective’s is an easy, good-natured beast.”

“‘Guy’s Eyes’ in particular nails their wholesome, positive brand of psychedelia,” it added. “It’s like, to reluctantly pull on the tiredest of psychedelic clichés, they swapped the acid for ecstasy (although really, they probably opted for a nice cup of tea).”

The announcement of the 15th-anniversary reissue comes exactly one year after Animal Collective announced the reissue of their debut album, ‘Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished’ – which featured never-before-seen artwork and a host of previously unreleased tracks.

In other Animal Collective news, last September the band announced details of their latest album, ‘It Isn’t Now’, the follow-up to 2022’s ‘Time Skiffs’.

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