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Ava Della Pietra’s “Christmas Tonight” Reemerges as a Seasonal Favorite Amidst Her Rising Pop Stardom – Onstage Magazine.com

As the festive season descends upon us, Ava Della Pietra, a name now synonymous with the
dynamism of modern pop, is inviting audiences old and new to rediscover the charms of her
holiday classic, “Christmas Tonight.” Originally released in 2019, this song, resplendent with the
joy and merriment of the holidays, is seeing a revival as Ava continues to ascend in the music

“Christmas Tonight,” with its enchanting melody and heartfelt lyrics, perfectly encapsulates the
spirit of the holidays. Crafted by Ava at the age of 14, it beautifully portrays the magic of
Christmas – from the pristine beauty of fresh snow to the warm gatherings of family and
friends. Recognized as one of the “Best Holiday Songs of 2019” by Tiger Beat Magazine, the song, recorded in Manhattan Beach Recording, New York City, was quickly earmarked as a
potential new classic in the holiday genre.

Fast forward to the present, and Ava Della Pietra has evolved from a promising Broadway
prodigy to a powerhouse in the mainstream pop arena. Her recent singles, such as “ego” and
“talk it out,” have showcased her ability to weave emotionally resonant stories with a
contemporary pop flair. These tracks have not only garnered critical acclaim but also
demonstrated her growth and versatility as both a songwriter and performer.

Ava’s musical journey is a tale of relentless creativity and artistic exploration. With over 130
original songs written and 12 already released, her ability to connect with her audience is
evident. Her songwriting prowess has been recognized with numerous awards, both nationally
and internationally, underlining her exceptional talent.

In the realm of visual storytelling, Ava has made significant inroads. The music video for “ego,” directed by Adam Lukowski, has been lauded at various international film festivals, highlighting
Ava’s skill in marrying music with visual narratives. Her innovative #EgoDanceContest is a
testament to her commitment to building community and shared experiences through her

Ava’s biography is as impressive as her list of achievements. Starting her performing career at
age four and songwriting at five, she has accumulated an enviable list of Broadway credits,
including national tours of Les Misérables and White Christmas, and a role in the original cast of
School of Rock. Her varied appearances, from Good Morning America to the Tony Awards,
showcase a talent that transcends genres and mediums.

As Ava Della Pietra continues her impressive trajectory in the music industry, “Christmas
Tonight” serves as a poignant reminder of her artistic origins. This holiday season, she is calling
on both long-time supporters and new listeners to join her in a nostalgic journey back to where
it all began, allowing everyone to experience the song that marked the early days of a now-
flourishing career.

To explore more about Ava Della Pietra and her music, visit her official website and follow her
on social media.

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