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Bambie Thug gives update on Eurovision complaint, says EBU confirmed Israeli commentator had “broken the rules of conduct”

Bambie Thug has given an update on their Eurovision complaint, claiming that the EBU confirmed Israli broadcaster KAN had “broken the rules of conduct”.

Earlier today, it was reported that the Irish Eurovision entry lodged a complaint with the Eurovision organisers due to commentary made by a broadcaster on KAN. The comments, which told viewers to “prepare your curses” and claim Bambie’s performance was “the most scary” of the night, were labelled “in breach of the rules” of the EBU by Bambie.

Now, the Cork singer has taken to their social media to claim that the EBU “confirmed” KAN had breached the rules, which “contradicts” a statement they had seen from the EBU Director General Noel Curran.

“Over the last few days I have raised multiple complaints to the EBU regarding instances I have experienced this week. Earlier today they confirmed to my delegation in front of others that KAN’s commentator had broken the rules of conduct during the Eurovision Semi-Final 1.”

“I have been patiently waiting to hear what action is set to be taken by the EBU following this rule break. I have since seen a statement by EBU Director General Noel Curran which contradicts this earlier confirmation. I am still waiting for an official update from the EBU.”

According to The Irish Independent, Curran told SVT News: “I wish my job was one where every decision the EBU made went smoothly… Unfortunately, when you are in these positions, and particularly when you have gone through a process of the member governing bodies to make a decision, I can’t look back and say the decision was the wrong decision.”

He added: “I respect the protesters. I am not going to pretend this has been a completely normal Eurovision. I can’t look back and say we should have done this differently. And I can’t look back and say the governing member bodies should have done this differently. We were faced with a situation and that decision was made.”

In an interview to RTÉ, Bambie previously said of KAN’s comments: “There’s a lot more anger and a lot more drive in me now,” they told the broadcaster. “I’m angry with other teams breaching their rules of the EBU, and still being allowed in. So there’s definitely a war drum sounding in my heart to push the performance even more than I have done before.”

NME caught up with Bambie before the competition to talk about what it meant to be one of the first nonbinary contestants on Eurovision, with them calling it “amazing”: “People don’t really know or try to educate themselves unless they know someone that’s non-binary or trans. The public think it’s something to do with your sexuality or how you look. Really it’s trying to educate them that it’s an internal being of self.”

They continued: “It feels lovely to have Nemo there as well. We have Olly [Alexander] and Silvester [Belt] who are all queer, Saba as well. There’s a bunch of us. It makes me feel a bit more held. I’m very grateful for that, and everyone is super nice and chaotic, they’re so funny.”

In other news, a deleted TikTok has revealed the moment Bambie Thug was forced to remove pro-Palestinian message.

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