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California R&B, Soul, Alt-Country fusion band Idiot Grins release fifth album, ‘Hounds of Mess Around’ – Onstage Magazine.com

Acclaimed Oakland’ R&B, Soul and Alt-Country fusion band Idiot Grins have announced their fifth album entitled “Hounds of Mess Around”, released March 9, 2024. Distinctly upbeat and bursting with pep, this energetic new collection exudes a ‘devil may care’ attitude. This is a truly seasoned band who seem completely comfortable in their musical skin, experimenting freely while keeping the mood optimistic and bright throughout.

Idiot Grins have been known to take creative risks, for example collaborating on 2017’s State of Health with the Byrd Sisters. State Of Health featured the Top 10 digital radio hit “Get Busy Dying” and Top 20 digital radio hit “Take it Back”. Their biggest departure, perhaps, was Thoughts & Prayers, released on November 6, 2020. The record was a daring reinterpretation of the Louvin Brothers controversial 1959 country-gospel album Satan is Real. 

Now they are back with a fully evolved signature sound with danceable rhythms and a compelling tapestry of complimentary instrumentation. “Hounds of Mess Around” is a perfect road trip album, or just for taking it easy with an ice cold beverage.

This is our fifth full-length album. We all gave each other COVID during one of the first sessions, but managed to recover from that to finish the album in a leisurely twelve months.

Musician Names/Instruments:
Evan Eustis – Bass, mandolin, backing and lead vocals
Michael Conner – keyboards, strings, clavinet and synths
John Hansen – lead vocals and backing vocals
Michael Melgoza – drums
Randy Strauss guitars
Producer Name(s):  Randy Strauss and Andrew Smars

Tracklist:  1. Reunite 2. PA Mining Town 3. She Looks That Way 4. Not Reggae 5. Peaches 6. Island 7. Love Drunk  8. Wahooo   9 Ded Zep  10. Haiku  11.  Our Lady of the Diving Light Fixture

Official Website:  Idiotgrins.com
Youtube Channel

Artist Biography:
Idiot Grins are a Rock and Soul band from Oakland, California. They have released four albums starting with Quarry from 2012, Big Man from 2015 and 2017’s State of Health featuring the Byrd Sisters. State Of Health featured the Top 10 digital radio hit “Get Busy Dying” and Top 20 digital radio hit “Take it Back”.[2]

Big Man was well received by the press. Key praise included: “Big Man is an amalgamation of music that’s near and dear to them; a blend of what they accomplished before and their admiration of Stax classics. If putting a new spin on a vintage sound was their goal, then mission accomplished.” by Elmore Magazine[1] and “The entire length of Big Man is a classy, burning slice of soul, and would have easily found a home in the record shops of the 60’s.”[3] by Big Takeover.

State Of Health was perhaps the bands most critically acclaimed album. HuffPost wrote of the record: “State of Health is a scrumptious album. The melodies are catchy and drenched in charming harmonics, while the vocal harmonies set the entire album apart, especially the dulcet tones of The Byrd Sisters. If you’re in the mood for some tasty, fun music, look no further.”[4] Blogcritics wrote of State of Health: “… and that’s precisely what the Idiot Grins do on State of Health – resurrect the persistent, flamboyant grooves, gooey wah-wah pedals, fluid vocal harmonies, and the braying brass of Hayes’ blend of psychedelia, soul, and deep southern blues.”[5] Seattle PI said of the single ‘Get Busy Dying’: “a dynamite soul number full of bright horns and the radiant harmonies of The Byrd Sisters. I love the intro on this song, the way it simmers with bubbling energy and then takes off. This is probably the best song on the album.”[6]

They released their new album, Thoughts & Prayers on November 6, 2020. The record is a reinterpretation of the Louvin Brothers 1959 country-gospel album Satan is Real. On Thoughts & Prayers, the band cover songs including “Satan is Real”, “The Christian Life” and “The Angels Rejoiced.” Obscure Sound wrote: “Passionate vocals join throughout the album with a straightforward arsenal of guitar, bass, piano, and drums, appealing to those enamored by roots, Americana, and country music.

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