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Canadian Indie Rock Trio The Dark Fruits release new LP “Warm Weather Starter Pack” – Onstage Magazine.com

Award-winning Canadian Indie Rock Trio The Dark Fruits have announced the release of their sophomore album “Warm Weather Starter Pack”, out October 13th on digital platforms. Rich in meaning and sonically adventurous, “Warm Weather Starter Pack” takes the listener on an insightful musical and lyrical journey through the band’s Northern Canadian home in Yukon Territory. The band’s unique signature sound is best described as ‘authentically northern with a quirky, universal appeal.’ For fans of immersive, emotionally charged Indie Rock, this is a trip worth taking.

The Dark Fruits’Warm Weather Starter Pack” explores themes of isolation, connection, and relationships, and it does so using more explicit references to living in Northern Canada. While this may resonate with fellow northerners, there are tricks they’ve used to pull in a wider audience. The first track, “California Beach”, for example, may appear by its title to be an old Beach Boys surf tune, but it’s actually a swagger-filled, indie-rock gem that references a beach on the shores of Tagish Lake in the Yukon. The third track and lead single, “Florida”, is more about returning to the Yukon than leaving, and the accompanying music video features a collection of archived Yukon family 8mm footage from the 50s and 60s that is more than just eye-candy – it’s also surprisingly fitting as the lyrics take you through the story of the song. 

The Dark Fruits combine their multi-layered talents to create a musical landscape greater than the sum of it’s parts. Made up of only 3 members, they are Tara Martin (Ladies of the Canyon, Maïa, Daniel Isaiah), the rhythmic heartbeat on drums and back up vocals; Jordy Walker (Richard Reed Parry, Tanya Tagaq, Little Scream), the versatile maestro on guitars, bass, synth, and production; and emerging singer-songwriter, Jeff Wolosewich.

Songwriter Jeff Wolosewich opens up about his writing process: “I write songs because it brings me pleasure. You know that feeling you get when you hear a song and say, “I love this!” and it just makes your whole day? Well, I can do that to myself. It’s like I self-soothe. You end up doing this enough times and you start thinking “maybe other people will dig this, too.”

The Dark Fruits plan on a 2024 tour to support the album. Lead single “Florida” was released on October 13th with an accompanying music video.

Musician Names/Instruments: Jeff Wolosewich, songwriter, vocals, keyboard. Jordy Walker, guitars, bass, synth. Tara Martin, drums, vocals.

Producer Name(s): Jordy Walker

Tracklist: 1. California Beach 2. Marianna 3. Florida 4. Asymptomatic 5. The Threat is Real 6. Ten Lakes and a Pool 7. No Bars 8. No Blue 9. Downtime 10. Serious Celebration

Official Website: www.thedarkfruits.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedarkfruits/ 

Twitter: @thedarkfruits 

Instagram: @thedarkfruits

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7hVTdedtl3RHD0D6Y694bv 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thedarkfruits

Bio: The Dark Fruits – Hidden Gems in Yukon’s Indie Rock Scene

The Dark Fruits are not your typical starry-eyed-youngster indie rock band. They may be starry-eyed, but their experiences and perspectives bring a unique depth to their music. Real people with real lives, they are bound by a love for making music that is authentically northern with a quirky, universal appeal. Their journey began later in life, and their music is the result of years of introspection, a longing for connection, and a dose of humour, too.

Comprising just three members – Tara Martin (Ladies of the Canyon, Maïa, Daniel Isaiah), the rhythmic heartbeat on drums and back up vocals; Jordy Walker (Richard Reed Parry, Tanya Tagaq, Little Scream), the versatile maestro on guitars, bass, synth, and production; and emerging singer-songwriter, Jeff Wolosewich – they hail from the heart of Canada’s northern wilderness, the Yukon. They’re not rock stars; they’re parents, professionals, and passionate musicians, trying to strike a harmonious balance between life’s demands and their creative aspirations.

Their second album, “Warm Weather Starter Pack,” is arriving this fall, 2023. It’s a departure from the classic rock sounds of their debut, “Authors of Affection.” This time around, they’re offering up a more chilled-out, versatile sound that’s perfect for winding down at home or setting the vibe at your next gathering. Lyrically and sonically intriguing, “Warm Weather Starter Pack” is a cohesive album and captivating journey.

While their first album earned them a showcase opportunity at Breakout West 2019 and the Audience Choice Award at the Yukon Film Society/Music Yukon’s 24-hour Music Video Challenge for their video “Stuck on You,” their focus has evolved. Their new music delves into the themes of connection, separation, and the unique experiences of living in – and sometimes leaving – the northern wilderness. It’s an album that speaks to anyone seeking meaning in an ever-changing world.

Why “The Dark Fruits”? Because, like a brown banana is perfect for banana bread, they believe that people, and even indie rock bands, can get better with age. They are here to prove that music isn’t just for the young; it’s for anyone who has something to say and a melody to share. The result is a sophomore album that invites you deeper into their story and, just maybe, a bit of yours too. 

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