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CLÉMENTINE DELAUNEY and MICHELE GUAITOLI Of VISIONS OF ATLANTIS “Talk Pirates II”, Acoustic Music, Tour on May 3, 2024



Clémentine Delauney & Michele Guatoli of Visions Of Atlantis take time before their set at The Forge in Joliet, Illinois to talk about their upcoming album, Pirates II – Armada, which will be released on July 5, 2024. Clémentine & Michele also discuss the current tour schedule, solo and side projects, and the possibility of an acoustic album.

The images you see on this page were taken at The Forge in Joliet, Illinois after the conversation below. To say the performance was visually and audibly stunning would be a gross understatement. The presence and the energy that was radiating from the stage were visually paralyzing, and the sound coming from the amps was equally impressive. I'm not sure that capturing this band appropriately is even possible. Visions Of Atlantis is a band that has two top-shelf singers, and a catalog of well-crafted songs that shine brightly in the symphonic metal genre, and they are a band that needs to be seen in person.



“Armada” video:




Visions Of Atlantis

The Forge – Joliet, IL

May 3, 2024



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1.Master the Hurricane

2. Clocks

3. Mercy

4. Tonight I'm Alive

5. Heroes of the Dawn

6. Monsters

7. Armada

8. Melancholy Angel

9. Pirates Will Return

10. Legion of the Seas






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