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Day Two at Bottlerock Festival at The Napa Valley Expo in Napa Valley, California on May 25, 2024



Day two of Bottlerock was as jam-packed with awesome talent as the opening day. The festival has been held since 2013 nestled in the charming town of The Napa Valley Expo in Napa Valley,  California. This event is filtered over three days on nine stages and is always jam-packed with diverse talent. This year the festival attracted 40,000 fans from all over. Bottlerock is so popular that they have even put tickets on sale for Bottlerock 2025  because it sells out so fast.


Mama Said on the Prudential stage 12:30 pm


The Northern California female-fronted rock band, Mama Said was the first band of the day. The growing crowd just added to the intensity of their performance. The band started as a three-piece band but quickly turned into a five-piece band. With a mixture of covers and originals, they really pulled their set together in an energetic way. It was the perfect way to start the day indeed.



The Alive on the Verizon stage 1:00 pm


The Alive performed on The Verizon stage just after opener Grace McKagan. The Alive is a three-piece band, melodic and powerful in their performance. They sounded strong and are one of the bands to keep an eye out for in the coming years. They are going places.



Moonalice on the Prudential stage 2:00 pm


When Moonalice hit the Prudential stage, it was eye-dropping. Hailing from right here in Bay Area, this is their home turf. Coming out on stage they blasted through their set like clockwork. With the legendary performer Lester Chambers is at the forefront, also with members like John Molo, Barry Styles, Roger McNamee, Pete Sears, and Jason Crosby. Dylan Chambers and the T Sisters fill up this ten-person band and it is all sound. The favorite track of the day was “Time Has Come Today” a Chambers Brothers favorite and a favorite of all.




1). Woo Woo (T Sisters cover)

2). Love, Peace and Happiness (The Chambers Brothers cover)

3). You’re All I Need to Get By

4). Happy Here Now

5). Can You Feel It?

6). Yes We Can Can (Allen Toussaint cover)

7). People Get Ready (The Impressions cover)

8). Coconut Wireless

9). Old & Proud

10). Arms Reach Out

11). Time Has Come Today (The Chambers Brothers cover)


Holly Humberstone on the Verizon stage 2:15 pm


Staying with the Verizon Stage, Holly Humberstone was up next. Holly started out on an acoustic guitar, as she played her first song “Paint My Bedroom Black”. The second song “Into Your Room”, she ditched the acoustic and ran all over the stage getting the crowd involved. A really great performance with loads of energy, this girl is one to watch out for.




1). Paint My Bedroom Black

2). Into Your Room

3). The Walls Are Way Too Thin

4). Kissing in Swimming Pools

5). Dive

6). Down Swinging

7). Lauren

8). Falling Asleep at the Wheel

9). Flatlining

10). Sleep Tight

11). Ghost Me

12). Scarlett


T-Pain on the Verizon stage 3:45 pm


Sticking with The Verizon Stage, T-Pain was next. He played through his set like he was a man on fire. Rocking through the menagerie of his songs like “Take Your Shirt Off”, “She Got It” and “I’m Sprung”, he comanded the set with his style and charisma.




1). Take Your Shirt Off

2). Up Down (Do This All Day) / Blow Your Whistle / Tap In (Saweetie cover)

3). She Got It

4). Shawty (Plies cover)

5). Good Life (Ye cover)

6). Got Money (Lil Wayne cover)

7). Black and Yellow (Wiz Khalifa cover)

8). Cyclone (Baby Bash cover)

9). 2 Step (Unk cover)

10). I’m Sprung

11). On This Hill


My Morning Jacket on the Jam Cellars stage 4:00 pm


When My Morning Jacket hit the Jam Cellars stage, the audience went nuts. Rocking since 2008, these guys are well-seasoned. Starting off with “Mahgeetah” they set the stage for what was to come. They played through their set with a drive and passion that brought the audience in and they weren’t an unwilling group. Great set!




1). Mahgeetah

2). Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 1

3). Spring (Among the Living)

4). Gideon

5). Run It

6). Phone Went West

7). Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) (George Harrison cover)

8). Circuital

9). Off the Record

10). Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2

11). Wordless Chorus (With USC Marching Band)


Oliver Tree on the Verizon stage 5:15 pm


Hailing from Santa Cruz California, Oliver Tree was born and raised right here in Napa. He was next on the Verizon stage and the crowd had grown in numbers. Bouncing his way through his first song “Miss You”, and the crowd just ate it up. The next Song “Bounce” literally had Oliver bouncing all over the stage. He played with ever-loving mercy as he laid waste to the stage below him.




1). Miss You

2). Bounce

3). One & Only

4). Cowboys Don’t Cry

5). Swing & a Miss

6). When I’m Down (Oliver Tree & Whethan cover)

7). All That

8). Alien Boy

9). Fuck

10). Do You Feel Me? (Oliver Tree & Whethan cover)

11). Miracle Man

12). Cash Machine

13). Let Me Down

14). Hurt

15). Life Goes On


Mana on the Jam Cellars stage 5:45 pm


Over to the Jam Cellars stage, Mana was up for all that wanted some flavor. All in Mexican Spanish, these guys rocked with the might of the Aztec warriors. The drummer was insane with his technique and style, jumping up and down and even throwing his sticks in the air. The lead singer’s vocals were outstanding as well. The third song was a personal plight for him, about a girl and two guys. One of the guys was him. That’s a tough one.  



Setlist: (incomplete)

1). Manda una señal

2). Corazón espinado (Santana cover)

3). Labios compartidos

4). ¿Dónde jugarán los niños?

5). Vivir sin aire

6). Ángel de amor

7). Eres mi religión


Tower of Power on the Prudential stage 8:00 pm


The headliner closing Prudential stage was Tower of Power. Doing what they have been doing for 55 years, bringing funk and soul with lots of horns and great vocals. They showed the Napa Valley they were in town to jam. The set was amazing and they delivered as they always have over a long, prestigious career. 



The Kid Laroi and Kali Uchis canceled media coverage at the last minute as their photo pits were blocked. Too bad, I would have loved it.






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