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Deadlands Bring The “Paper Souls” Tour to The Basement in Columbus, Ohio on January 21st, 2024



On January 21st, metalcore band Deadlands from New York brought their Paper Souls Tour to The Basement in Columbus, Ohio with support from local Ohio bands, Convictions and Over N’ Out. Even though the temperatures outside were below freezing, fans from all over packed the small venue from wall to wall and brought a constant energy that kept the room moving throughout the night.

Opening the show was Over N’ Out, an alternative metal band from right in Columbus, Ohio. It was obvious they were playing a show in their hometown, since several in the crowd were familiar with their songs, and the moment they stepped onto the stage, the crowd went wild. While I’d never heard of Over N’ Out before, I was immediately captivated by their high levels of energy and enthusiasm as they played their seven-song set.

Even though the stage was small, the band members utilized every inch of space as they moved around, their excitement contagious. There were also a lot of fun interactions between the band and the crowd, which always makes a show that much more enjoyable to me. At times, it felt like we as the audience were having a conversation with them. Vocalist Matt Warren also encouraged the crowd to sing along and move as much as possible, which only heightened the energy of the band’s performance. 


Over N’ Out:

Matt Warren – Vocals

Jaxson Tackett – Drums

Maxwell Miller – Guitar

Jon Suh – Guitar

Alex Kessis – Bass



Set List:

1). Worry Bout Nothing

2). Mister Sinister

3). The End of Heartache

4). Wipeout 

5). Another Face

6). Killing in the Name 

7). Break


Next to the stage was Convictions, a Christian metalcore band based in Ohio. Their raw and progressive sound immediately had the crowd moshing, headbanging, and jumping around. The whole crowd moved as they opened their set with “The War that Followed Me Home,” the perfect song to set the scene for the heavy music we were in store for. The unclean vocals made for a gritty sound that was invigorating, but the addition of their clean vocals really emphasized the message of their music.

One of my favorite parts of watching Convictions was seeing the band function as one unit. They were incredibly tight, and every band member complimented each other well. Just like with Over N’ Out, Convictions energy was top-notch, and with the addition of the constantly moshing crowd, the room felt electric. If it seemed like any of the energy was waning even a little bit, Vocalist Michael Felker was there to keep the crowd going. At one point, he handed the microphone to an audience member who delighted us with their excellent vocals. The entire crowd was cheering them on. Convictions put on a great stage show that had us all warmed up and ready for the headliner.



Michael Felker – Vocals

Zach Schwochow – Drums

Jacob Flores – Bass

Quinton Dreier – Vocals, Guitar

Patrick Shekut – Guitar



Set List:

1). The War That Followed Me Home

2). Teeth

3). The Price of Grace

4). Wreckage

5). Hurricane

6). Supernova

7). Stigmata 


To close out the night was Deadlands. They opened their 13 song set list with “Cognitive Dissonance,” which immediately had the whole room thrashing and cheering. Even though it was their first time in Columbus, they already had some loyal fans who shouted out the lyrics to all of the songs and never stopped moving. Deadlands is a talented trio of musicians, and while they don’t have a bassist, it’s hardly noticeable as vocalist Kasey Karlsen lights up the room with her top-notch range of vocals, guitarist CJ Arey skillfully plays his instrument with great energy, and drummer Kyle OBraitis plays drumstick gymnastics, while never missing any of the beats. All three band members are dynamic in their performances, which makes it so much fun to watch them play.

A highlight of the evening came when Deadlands played an unreleased song called “Villains.” Showcasing a mix of Kasey’s clean and unclean vocals with a hardcore beat, this song blew me away, and I already can’t wait for the opportunity to hear it again. In addition to playing their own music, they also showcased their talent with covers, playing a wide array of genres, from Disney song “Calling All the Monsters” to Bring Me the Horizon’s “Can You Feel My Heart.” The crowd loved it all, and the band did a great job on the songs.

When attending a Deadlands performance, it almost feels like the audience is part of the show. The way Kasey talked to us and made eye contact was incredibly personable. Both Kyle and CJ interacted with the crowd just as much, too. At one point while Kasey took a breather, CJ took the mic and used that time to hype up the crowd and get them excited for the next song. Meanwhile, between Kyle’s playing and tricks with his drumsticks, he would make eye contact and delight us all with over-the-top and hilarious facial expressions. The band clearly loves what they do, and it’s obvious they’re grateful for their fans, too. I’m excited to see where they go from here because I have a feeling it will only be up.

All three bands put on dynamic and energetic performances that made the freezing temperatures outside seem insignificant because as soon as the show started, the heat in the room turned up. The sounds of the bands all complimented each other well, which made for one memorable show. If you have the chance to see any of these bands at some point, I can’t recommend it enough.



Kasey Karlsen – Vocals

CJ Arey – Guitar

Kyle OBraitis – Drums 



Set List:

1). Cognitive Dissonance

2). Shallow Breath

3). Deadweight

4). Misfit

5). Black Hole

6). Villain

7). Final Judgement

8). Calling All the Monsters (Prod. By Shawn Mayer)

9). King for a Day (Daisy Grenade Edition)

10). Can You Feel My Heart (BMTH)

11). Blank Slate

12). Crushed


13). House of Cards





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