jakub | March 12, 2024

‘Destiny 2’ gets spooky ‘Ghostbusters’ crossover cosmetics

Many long-running video games partner up with other brands to keep interest alive and Destiny 2 is no exception, with a new Ghostbusters crossover coming March 19.

The Destiny 2 Twitter account shared the news that the sci-fi looter shooter will see players able to get their hands on a Slimer skin for their Ghost, as well as what looks to be an Ecto-1 hoverboard and horned Sparrow. No word has been shared on how these items will be unlocked by players.

Slimer wraps around the entirety of the player’s Ghost, with the machine peeking through the blob’s maw. Ecto-1 looks as though it will be a skin for hoverboards, which were added to Destiny 2 earlier this month. Called Skimmers, these are now considered the game’s best vehicle due to how long they allow players to stay in the air for and their high max speed.

The Sparrow skin included in this crossover doesn’t look particularly Ghostbusters-y. It’s got some horns, but lacks the charm and whimsy of Slimer or Ecto-1. Still, it’s more stuff for players to collect – and in a looter shooter that’s half the fun.

Back in December 2022, Destiny 2 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla had a partnership. Helmets inspired by the hooded assassin garb from the Ubisoft series were added to the shooter, giving players’ Guardians a deadlier and more fashionable look.

News of this partnership comes after a turbulent few months for Destiny 2 developer Bungie. A report from December 2023 suggests the studio could be looking at a full takeover by parent company Sony.

This followed news of expansion The Final Shape being delayed to June 2024 to make it “bigger and bolder,” and layoffs at the company in October 2023.

Bungie has pledged to “restore [the] trust” of its community, but only time will tell if the studio can deliver.

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