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Dirty Honey’s First Australian Headline Tour Thrills The Crowd at Stay Gold in Melbourne, Australia on 4th April 2024



Rock aficionados eagerly awaited an exceptional lineup of local and international bands at Stay Gold, one of Melbourne, Australia’s staple live music venues. 

As Australian band Shotgun Mistress took to the stage, their high-octane performance lifted the energy in the room, as they powered through a short set, including the riff-heavy and catchy “Pretty Little Thing”, tracks from their Sophomore album Bleed Me Out, with guitarist Matt Wilcock laying on the pitch harmonics and ripping solo in “Save Me from Yourself”. They also delivered a new single “Mary Jane” to a receptive audience. Charismatic frontman Glenn Patrick took plenty of moments to interact with the audience as he sang standing on the drum kit, walking on the bar and amongst the crowd.



Glenn Patrick – Vocals

Matt Wilcock – Guitar

Ben Curnow – Bass

Dave Lee – Drums



Set List:

1). Sweet

2). Pretty Little Thing

3). Save Me from Myself

4). Devil in Disguise

5). Mary Jane

6). Bleed Me Out


Dead City Ruins is a band that carries the spirit of rock and Roll. They have notoriety with their live performances as Stay Gold was now packed. From the start of the infectious guitar riff of “Vision”, it was all-in for rock ’n roll music, as every band member showcased their musicianship and stage presence. Vocalist (and YouTube vocal sensation) Steve Welsh demonstrated his incredible vocal range as they delivered tracks from their latest Shockwave album. There were plenty of dual guitar licks and solos to satisfy any rock lover. The band delivered a top-notch show. 



Steve Welsh – Vocals

Tommy Cain – Guitar

Sean Blanchard – Guitar

Thomas Murphy – Bass

Nick Trajanovski – Drums



Set List:

1). Vision

2). Broken Bones

3). We Are One

4). Speed Machine

5). This Side of the Dirt

6). Bones

7). Dog on a Leash

8). Happenzella

9). Preacher


The LA rock ’n roll quartet Dirty Honey has quickly garnered a worldwide reputation for their live shows. After playing at Australia’s Bluesfest in Byron Bay, they headed to Sydney and Melbourne for their first headline shows in Australia. Dirty Honey recorded their current album Can’t Find the Brakes in Bryon Bay, so it was great to finally have them here to perform. The venue was packed to the rafters with fans in anticipation of finally seeing and hearing them live.

The band took to the stage opening with the catchy riff groove of “California Dreaming” to rapturous applause. As Marc Labelle belted out the song, he took moments to hold out the microphone stand to the crowd to sing along. Dirty Honey delivered songs from both albums with precision, energy, and sass that have been forged from extensive touring. John Notto is the next generation of guitar legends, as he effortlessly played through each song with conviction and attitude. There were plenty of moments for him to shine, with extended solos during “Don’t Put Out the Fire” and before “You Make it Alright”.

Singer Marc LaBelle has the DNA for a rock ’n roll frontman. His dynamic voice is a combination of soul, grit, power, and uniqueness that is instantly recognizable. Both Justin Smolian and Jaydon Bean on bass and drums respectively, also had solo spots at the end of the set and also demonstrated how much they are a key part of the Dirty Honey’s sound.

Dirty Honey delivered a memorable 1 1/2-hour show that wowed everyone in attendance. Whilst this was a small club headline tour, I suspect they will be playing to much larger crowds next time they visit Australia. 



Marc LaBelle – vocals

John Notto – guitar

Justin Smolian – bass

Jaydon Bean – drums



Set List:

1). California Dreaming

2). Heartbreaker

3).  Scars

4). Get a Little High

5). Dirty Mind

6). Tied Up

7). Don’t Put Out the Fire

8). The Wire

9). Another Last Time

10). When I’m Gone

11). Girls Got Rhythm

12). Won’t Take Me Alive

13). You Make it Alright

14). Rolling 7s






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