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Drain Brought The Good Good Tour to Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 22, 2024



Summer has arrived just in time for a heated show at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall on a Wednesday night. California hardcore band Drain made their Canadian stop at the city’s historic venue for their Good Good Tour. Featuring four openers from the hardcore community, the audience was ready to head-bang and mosh pit to a star-studded lineup.

Trail of Lies was the first opener, and they did their best to pump up the crowd’s energy as the first performer to step on stage. While lead singer Tom Dom laid out all the vocals with his vicious growls and the guitarist moved around, the other members were mainly laid back, playing their respective instruments. In the end, the energy wasn’t quite up there from the audience, as their set looked like a practice session atmosphere-wise.



Tom Dom – Lead vocals

JD – Guitars

Tom Core – Guitars

Tom Harris – Bass

Chris Smith – Drummer



End It was the second opener of the night. Lead singer Akil Godsey got the crowd going crazy as he threw the microphone to the audience to give them a chance to scream through the songs while conversing with them in between songs. The moshpit in the middle got more lively in End It’s set, so the crowd’s energy was slowly getting there for the second opener.



Akil Godsey – Lead vocals

Johnny McMillion – Guitars

Pat Martin – Bass

Ray Lee – Guitars

Chris Gonzalez – Drummer



The third opener was Scowl, one of the acts I had seen a few times. Led by frontwoman Kat Moss, she commanded the stage with her powerful screams and vocals while dancing around the stage with authority. The other band members joined in, feeling the energy of Kat’s performance. The crowd was moving from start to finish as Scowl pulled off an entertaining set as the third opener of the night.



Kat Moss – Lead singer

Malachi Greene – Guitars

Mikey Bifolco – Guitars

Bailey Lupo – Bass

Cole Gilbert – Drummer




1. Opening Night

2. Shot Down

3. Petty Selfish Cretin

4. Psychic Dance Routine

5. Wired

6. Dead to Me

7. Roots

8. Seeds to Sow

9. Retail Hell

10. Trophy Hunter

11. Sold Out

12. My Turn 2 Play

13. F**k Around

14. Four Walls

15. Bloodhound



The atmosphere reached its peak with the last opener, the long-standing hardcore band Terror. The front of the crowd erupted into screams from the start, and crowd surfing became a common sight. The energy was palpable, with the crowd’s enthusiasm reaching its peak for this band that has been rocking for over two decades.



Scott Vogel – Lead vocals 

Nick Jett – Drummer 

Martin Stewart – Rhythm guitar 

Jordan Posner – Lead guitar 

Chris Linkovich – Bass 




1. One With the Underdogs

2. Spit My Rage

3. Stick Tight

4. Boundless Contempt

5. Return to Strength

6. Pain Into Power

7. Overcome

8. Can’t Help But Hate

9. Keep Your Mouth Shut

10. Keepers of the Faith



After a brief intermission with some of the crowd taking a breather, the members of Drain approached onstage. Frontman Sammy Ciaramitaro asked for brighter lights and the audience to go wild before beginning their set with “Hyper Vigilance.” After a few seconds of jumping around the stage while screaming through his vocals, he jumped into the pit and joined the audience, allowing them to scream their lungs out. I learned from Drain shows that they do their best to interact with the audience throughout their sets. There is a sense of family and comradeship with Drain and the audience, which is fascinating to see. 

One of the highlights was Sammy getting the audience from the left to push the crowd to the right, which turned into a massive moshpit. It was a party from beginning to end, as the audience kept going wild for every song. The end was at a chaotic high, as the entire audience crowded over Sammy screaming and crowd-surfing in the final song of the night, “California Cursed.” The crowd was still buzzing after the show, as they couldn’t believe how fantastic the night was. Drain always brings the best in their live shows, so I hope they return for another entertaining set of hardcore music!



Sammy Ciaramitaro – Lead vocalist

Cody Chavez – Guitar

AJ Hoenings – Bass

Tim Flegal – Drummer




1. Hyper Vigilance

2. Devil’s Itch

3. Watch You Burn

4. FTS (KYS)

5. Evil Finds Light

6. Good Good Things (Descendents cover)

7. Weight of the World

8. Army of One

9. Sick One

10. Intermission

11. Feel the Pressure

12. California Cursed





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