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Fall Out Boy Scorches The Kia Center In Orlando, Florida On March 15, 2024


When Fall Out Boy blazed through Florida last summer, I was one of the unfortunate ones that missed out due to prior bookings. There was no way I was about to let that happen again so I cleared my schedule months in advance, hoping the approval would come through. Needless to say, I was stoked when that glorious approval email landed in my inbox earlier in the week. With temps threatening to reach nearly 90 degrees, it was hard to believe it was only mid-March. Tonight had an early start time since there were four bands on the bill. Joining Fall Out Boy on their So Much For (2our) Dust Tour was Jimmy Eat World, The Maine and Games We Play. When I arrived at the beautiful Kia Center, the parking garage was already filling up and throngs of fans were making their way toward the entrances.


Games We Play opened up the night at 6:30pm and it was their first night joining the tour. Lead by frontman Emmyn Calleiro, the band came out with an infectious energy. Calleiro proclaimed that this was the biggest show of his life and beckoned the crowd to get on their feet. Guitarist Kyle Fink was a firestorm of energy and showed the enthusiasm of someone that loves to play for the fans. Calleiro brought out his younger brother Ethan to play bass and even made a pitch to find Ian a girlfriend or a boyfriend. The 4-song set went by really quick, but the crowd really seemed to enjoy it. Games We Play’s most recent album, Life’s Going Great, dropped earlier this month and you can check out the latest video below.


Games We Play:

Emmyn Calleiro: lead vocals

Kyle Fink: lead guitar, backing vocals

Nick Lewert: drums

Ethan Babiarz: bass





1. Get a Job

2. The End

3. Naked

4. I Hope You’re Happy


7:00pm brought out Arizona emo rockers The Maine. In case there was any doubt, the large projection screens and backdrop displayed the message “You Are Watching A Band Called The Maine.” The band strolled onstage dressed to the nines in matching white suits. Vocalist John O’Callaghan was waving a large sign that read “Hello Orlando” and the crowd reciprocated the greeting. The band started off with “blame,” which is from last year’s album, “The Maine (deluxe).” Prior to playing “Sticky,” O’Callaghan reminded those in attendance that they were at a rock n’ roll concert and to get on their feet. Drummer Patrick Kirch didn’t let the suit hold him back and there was a constant thrashing of hair from beyond his kit. As the band got ready to perform “Thoughts I Have While Lying In Bed,” the crowd was asked to raise their torches which they did without hesitation. It was clear throughout the set that these guys really are in sync with one another, and the performance was smooth like silk. One lucky fan, Kevin, was brought onstage to sing part of “Girls Do What They Want” and after Kevin admitted to not knowing the lyrics O’Callaghan eagerly helped him out. The final song of the performance was “Loved You A Little,” and O’Callaghan had several important messages for the people. His words of wisdom were “have a blast, have fun, life is too short to be too cool, have as much fun as you can while you’re fucking alive.” Words to live by for sure. Check out The Maine online (links at Bottom of review).


The Maine:

John O’Callaghan– lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitar

Jared Monaco – lead guitar

Garrett Nickelsen – bass, synthje

Patrick Kirch – drums, percussion

Kennedy Brock – rhythm guitar, backing vocals




1. blame

2. Sticky

3. Slip the Noose

4. Dirty, Pretty, Beautiful

5. Black Butterflies & Déjà Vu

6. thoughts i have while lying in bed

7. Girls Do What They Want (Fan came on stage to sing part of song)

8. Loved You a Little


In the days leading up to tonight’s show, I had made the decision not to cover Jimmy Eat World due to an unreasonable photo release that I elected not to sign. The set began at 7:50pm and lasted for about an hour.  The set list is below, and their social links are at the very bottom of the review.


Jimmy Eat World:

Jim Adkins – lead guitar, lead vocals, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals

Tom Linton– rhythm guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals, keyboards

Zach Lind – drums, percussion, programming, accordion, concertina

Rick Burch – bass, backing vocals



1.A Praise Chorus

2.Big Casino


4.Something Loud

5.Lucky Denver Mint

6.My Best Theory

7.All The Way (Stay)

8.For Me This Is Heaven


10.Let It Happen

11.Hear You Me


13.Just Tonight…

14.Bleed American

15.The Middle


As I waited in the pit for Fall Out Boy’s 9:10pm start, I looked around the arena and was amazed at the capacity crowd that was more than ready to take things to a higher level. I was a little surprised that there was reserved seating right in front of the stage because once the lights went out no one would be sitting. As the house lights gave way to darkness, the stage was enveloped in orange and yellow smoke. “The Pink Seashell,” with lyrics from actor Ethan Hawk, played throughout the venue. The band emerged amidst numerous explosions and launched into “Love From The Other Side.” The electricity could be felt throughout the crowd and there was no turning back. “The Phoenix ” was up next and included streams and plumes of fire billowing up from the rear of the stage. If that wasn’t enough, Pete Wentz used his dual-purpose bass to shoot flames high into the air all while sporting a Shaquille O’Neal jersey. As drummer Andy Hurley laid down the beginning beats for “Sugar We’re Goin Down,” he was soon joined by 15,000 fans who excitedly sang the opening verse. This was typical of how this show was going to be, one big party. A large rabbit and snail took to the stage during “Uma Thurman” and could be seen frolicking about while 10 towers of smoke lifted off from the front of the stage.



Wentz mentioned that it probably didn’t snow here too much so they brought the snow globe with them. Perfectly timed snow then began falling from the rafters. He also mentioned how crazy it was to be playing large arenas when they used to practice and write songs in guitarist Joe Trohman’s parents’ attic which was barely the size of the stage. During “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race,” a rear curtain withdrew revealing a gigantic “Blitz The Doberman” that looked menacingly out toward the crowd.  Vocalist Patrick Stump grabbed the spotlight for most of “Heaven, Iowa,” and the stage was transformed into a celestial space complete with clouds and lightning. 


This set was stacked and kept producing hit after glorious hit.  The tempo slowed for about 5 minutes when Stump broke out the piano for a mesmerizing medley capped off with a partial cover of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” Definitely one of the highlights of the performance. Wentz hopped atop the piano and recited the spoken words from “Baby Annihilation” before seemingly disappearing behind a black curtain. The lights went out and when they returned, Trohman was belting out the powerful beginning riffs of ‘The Power Of Love” by Huey Lewis & The News. After playing a portion of “The Power Of Love,” Wentz consulted the Magic 8-Ball and then the band played “Alpha Dog,” which was its 1st standalone performance. 


The 1st song of the encore was “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” and marked the return of the explosions, pyro and the fantastic flame-throwing bass. “Thnks fr th Mmrs” was up next and just like all the others it was one big sing-along. After nailing “Centuries,” the band brought it all the way back to the beginning with 2003’s “Saturday.” As confetti fell from above, the band closed out a remarkable show that would not soon be forgotten. Please take time to follow each of these amazing bands online and if the opportunity presents itself, definitely catch them live.


 Fall Out Boy:

Patrick Stump – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, additional percussion

Pete Wentz – bass guitar, unclean and backing vocals

Joe Trohman – lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards

Andy Hurley – drums, percussion, occasional backing vocals




1. Love From the Other Side

2. The Phoenix

3. Sugar, We’re Goin Down

4. Uma Thurman

5. A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More “Touch Me”

6.Homesick at Space Camp

7. Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy

8. Calm Before the Storm

9. This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race

10. Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes

11. Heaven, Iowa

12. Bang the Doldrums

13. Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet

14. Fake Out

15. Golden (Partial, Piano Medley)

16. What a Catch, Donnie (Partial, Piano Medley)

17. Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen cover) (Partial, Piano Medley)

18. So Much (for) Stardust

19. Baby Annihilation (with “20 Dollar Nose Bleed” spoken word snippet)

20. The Power of Love (Huey Lewis and the News cover) (Partial first verse and chorus only)

21. Dance, Dance

22. Hold Me Like a Grudge

23. Alpha Dog (First standalone performance, Magic 8-Ball song)

24. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)

25. Thnks fr th Mmrs

26. Centuries

27. Saturday




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