jakub | April 10, 2024

Frick Frack Black Jack Stole My Heart

Frick Frack Black Jack, you stole my heart 2 years ago at Dancefestopia. Since then, my partner and I have been hitting up flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops etc, in search of what I like to call WORTHY FRACK – rarities and oddities we knew you would be proud to display, and fellow gamblers would definitely want to get their hands on.  The type of things no one even knew existed, or the kind of stuff one would never expect to see on your gypsy cart.

Our treasure chest slowly filled over the last 2 years, and we had the pleasure of bringing it to Backwoods recently.  Little by little, we swapped our inventory for yours.

Among the items won at Backwoods, I was blessed with a small brass brooch of an elephant on a barrel.  Dealia said it was from her personal collection, so I promised to care for it.  I’ve since made a necklace with that and with 2 other meaningful items, which I wear daily.  Thank you, Dealia, for such a great item which embodies the theatric nature of Frick Frack Black Jack.

To say Frick Frack is our favorite activity is an understatement.  You’ve provided so much joy and intrigue during the festivals themselves, but all year long we spend time shopping with you in mind.  It has become our chosen date night activity and it feels great to spend time goofing off with my partner.  I can’t wait to see you again.  We have leveled up our items and can’t wait to see what you offer up for my rare Polly Pocket, my unopened 90s exercise equipment, and my pearl inlay, fully functioning accordion. 
Thank you for the memories and the experiences.  Everyone who watches the table, even for a moment, comes away eyes wide, and with a story to tell their friends.  You are legendary in the truest sense of the word, and we can’t wait to stumble into your tent at the next festival. 

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