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Gilded Balloon Announces 2nd Round of Edinburgh Fringe Programming

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Gilded Balloon Announces 2nd Round of Edinburgh Fringe Programming

More than 65 shows have been added to the venue's docket, including Mhairi Black, Michelle Brasier, and more.

Mhairi Black, Michelle Brasier, Leigh Douglas, and Sophie Garrad

The 2024 Edinburgh Fringe is continuing to heat up!

Gilded Balloon, one of the festivals largest venue operators, have added more than 65 shows to their Fringe line-up, making for a wide range of intriguing and unusual programming.

Of particular interest this year is the first ever Fringe piece by Scottish politician (and youngest Member of Parliment in nearly 200 years) Mhairi Black. A fierce defender of trans rights and the long arc of progress, Black has been a harsh critic of the toxic and insular environment at Westminster.

Said Black, “I'm looking forward to my first Fringe show and think it'll be a good laugh—spending over 10 years in Westminster means I have plenty of stories to tell and I'm looking forward to pulling back the curtain and revealing a little more about my experiences there. Expect a brutally honest look at politics as I embrace my fairly dark sense of humor to reflect on my time there and look ahead to what's next.”

Black isn't the only new Fringe artist Gilded Balloon is championing this season. Of particular interest is the dynamic duo that has been formed by 2023 So You Think You’re Funny finalist Sophie Garrad and BBC New Comedy‘s Leigh Douglas for a new comedy show, Daddy's Girls. With one father in and out of prison and the other long to his grave, Garrad and Douglas are left to lead themselves through the male-dominated world.

In addition to Black, Gilded Balloon will support an array of artists, from the recognizable (Michelle Brasier, Grace Campbell, Christopher Hall) to the fresh-on-the-scene. A number of family friendly productions will also be on the docket, including a Baby Shark-dedicated show, and a sensory exploration piece that will delight the youngest members of the family.

Running July 31 to August 26, the Gilded Balloon programming will be presented in their long-standing Patter House and the National Museum of Scotland venues, with their Teviot venue reopening in 2025 following extensive renovations.

For a full look at Gilded Balloon's expanded programming, including Millennial nostalgia bait Primary School Bangers Live, a deep dive retelling all 236 episodes of hit sitcom Friends through the eyes of everyone's favorite barista (FRIEND (The One With Gunther)), and the return of Japanese silent comedy master Ketch in Ketch Sketch, visit GildedBalloon.co.uk.

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