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Giovannie and The Hired Guns Brought the Tejano Punk to The Backyard Stage and Grill in Waco, Texas on November 25, 2023.



Giovannie and The Hired Guns brought the rainy, cold weather and Tejano punk music to Waco, Ttexas, as they performed at The Backyard Stage and Grill. Supporting the guys was Eddie and The Getaway from Nashville, Tennessee.  Eddie and the Getaway took the stage and immediately captivated the crowd with their rock/country vibe. Armed with a lead singer and a drummer, the small but mighty band commanded the large stage and brought a little Nashville to Texas.

The duo played originals and a couple of covers. Who doesn’t love a band that can cover Daughtry‘s “Home”? Some of my new favorite songs from Eddie and The Getaway set are “Born with a Broken Heart, “Don’t Pray For Me,” and “Overdose.”  They have their first-ever EP, 5 Parts of a Heartbreak, debuting this Friday. Make sure to check them out wherever you stream music and check out their website to find a show near you. You don’t want to sleep on these guys. They put on a hell of a show. 

After they played their final song, “Overdose,” seriously, give the song a listen; it’s been on repeat for me since Saturday night. They took some photos with the crowd, and after several attempts at a selfie, they finally got the photograph they wanted. It was time to get ready for Giovannie and The Hired Guns. 


Eddie and The Getaway Band:

Eddie Eberle – Lead Singer + guitar 

Jack Silverman – Drums




Eddie and The Getaway Setlist:

1.) Before The Sunrise

2.) Getaway

3.) Born With A Broken Heart

4.) Her

5.) The Middle

6.) Don’t Pray For Me

7.) Moby Dick

8.) Home

9.) Poison

10.) Gave it Up

11.) Drift Away

12.) Pedal Down

13.) Wild As Her

        14.) Overdose


In the cold and drizzly weather, Giovanni and The Hired Guns took the stage at about 10:00 pm. The crowd didn’t care about the weather; they were there to see one of the most popular bands in Texas right now. The guys just returned from touring all of November with Black Stone Cherry. It was time to return to Texas for a home state show. Giovannie and the Hired Guns have been busy with touring, releasing a live album, and even a wedding! Congrats, Gio. They have been grinding for the past few years, and their hard work has paid off.

They took the stage and started playing “Bad Habits.” It’s a favorite song from one of their earlier albums. Their concerts are flawless, effortless, but powerful. You can feel the energy from the first to the fifth to the last song. You feel that they love and believe in their music, and their fans feel the same. I’ve seen these guys live several times, and each time, they get better and better. Their set is tight, the song selection is dope, and they have the best charisma. Concertgoers get a true Tejano punk rock show, as promised.

After hearing several of my favorite songs, “Run Away,” “Shout,” “Numb,” and “Overrated” my favorite part of the show, the Tejano influence portion of the show was next. Bassist Alex Trejo has his bass wrapped around his body, showcasing his musical skills by adding a tuba and schooling the crowd with his tuba skills. The band busts out with a cover of Ramon Ayala’s “Tragos Amargos.” The Tejano punk rock influence continues as they move on to one of their most famous songs, which is conveniently named “Ramon Ayala.” The song contains one of my favorite lyrics, “I’m just your ordinary fuck up, ain’t nothing special about me.” To me, this is the peak of their live show. There is so much going on between the Spanish lyrics, the nod to a Tejano legend, and the showcase of musical talent. 

The band continued playing their fan favorites and hits before they played one of their most iconic and first released songs, “Rooster Tattoo.” You always get more than you pay for when you see these guys live. Make sure to check these guys out when they are in your area. One of the best live shows you will attend. Support live music. I got a middle finger and a rooster tattoo waiting on you…



Giovannie Yanez – Lead Vocals

Carlos Villa  – Electric Guitar

Jerrod Flusche – Electric Guitar

Alex Trejo – Bass Guitar, Tuba

Miles Toles – Drums/Percussion




Giovannie and The Hired Gun Setlist:

1.) Bad Habits

2.) Run Away

3.) Always On My Mind

4.) Pretend

5.) Change

6.) Shout

7.) Numb

8.) Overrated

9.) Tragos Amargos (Ramon Ayala Cover)

10.) Ramon Ayala

11.) Stay

12.) I Don’t Mind

13.) Pumped Up Kicks

14.) Rooster Tattoo






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