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Glen Matlock and the Maestros kicks it at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California on January 24, 2024



On January 24, 2024, I headed out for San Francisco California. The driving rain and slow speeds were not my norm but, this was an important event. The event was Frankie and the Studs opening for Glen Matlock and the Maestros at the Great American Music Hall.  This was an epic event that showcased all music with two bands. It was a special night and I was into it.   

Frankie and the Studs are one of my favorite bands. When they hit the stage, we all felt it. Opening their set with “Run” they turned what seemed to be a skeptical crowd into immediate fans. The set hit on a lot of their staples like “Hole in My Head”, “Victim”, and “Dance With You”. They also played two covers, “Can’t Stand You” by The Ramones and “Venus” by The Shocking Blue. Also included in the set were three new songs “Bimini”, “Headrush” and “Fuck This Shit”. As Frankie and the Studs blasted through their set, the crowd grew and so did the intensity. Frankie could feel the crowd was into the music and she played up to it and it was well received. By the end of the set, the crowd was on fire ready for the next band.


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Frankie Clarke – guitar, vocals

Franky Abreau – guitar

Lizi  Gionangeli – bass

Nick Rossi – drums




1). Run

2). Hole in My Head

3). Can’t Stand You (Ramones cover)

4). Sick of You

5). Bimini

6). Victim

7). Flash

8). Headrush

9). Drain Me

10). Dance With You

11). She’s Insane

12). Venus (Shocking Blue cover)

13). Fuck This Shit


Glen Matlock is a legend among performers. He, along The Maestros, Gilby Clarke, Clem Burke, and Steve Fishman put on an amazing show. With this talented lineup, it’s no wonder they were so yight. Gilby belted out the guitar solos and Steve pounded the bass, Clem pounded the drums like a man possessed, and Glen provided the gifted vocals and rhythm guitar. Opening with the Sex Pistols “God Save The Queen”, the band jammed and cranked out the tunes. Songs ranged from crooning, to punk rock, and everything in between, and they did it with style. Glen’s vocals setting the pace along with  Gilby’s guitar solos throughout the evening pulled the night together. 

As the night went on, they played many cover tunes including two from the Sex Pistols (Glen’s original band), Rich Kids and Richard Hell. Glen handled it all and he led the Maestro’s through all the songs like a pro. Playing songs “Magic Carpet Ride”, “Consequences Coming”, “Sexy Beast” and “Head on a Stick” with each song was better than the last. Matlock sat down for a crooning session at one point which was outstanding. The show was put together exceptionally well and it showed.  100%! Well done guys!


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Glen Matlock – guitar, vocals

Gilby Clark – guitar, vocals

Clem Burke – drums

Steve Fishman – bass




1). God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols cover)

2). Burning Sounds (Rich Kids cover)

3). Ambition (Iggy Pop cover)

4).. Magic Carpet Ride

5). Consequences Coming

6). On Something (Glen Matlock & the Philistines Cover)

7). Tried to Tell You

8). Sexy Beast

9). Ghosts of Princes in Towers (Rich Kids cover)

10). This Ship

11). Blank Generation (Richard Hell & The Voidoids  cover)

12). Can’t Be Myself With You

13). Head on a Stick

14). Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols cover)


15). All or Nothing







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