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Gloryhammer Hits Goldfields in Roseville, California on March 25, 2024 with Special Guests Twilight Force



On Monday, March 25 2024, I headed out to Roseville California. The event of the evening was Gloryhammer with Twilight Force at Goldfields Roseville location. The trip was uneventful but, enjoyable none the less. But, that isn’t the point, this was an amazing show.

Twilight Force was up first and lit up the stage. Opening with “Dawn of the Dragonstar”, this band slayed the stage with it’s presence.   From the first song through the last they had the crowd engaged and enthralled with their performance. Even stopping for a sing-along about mid-through their set which really got the crowd’s attention. The crowd hammered out the tunes like pro’s. It was a high point in the evening. Whether it be, sing-alongs or the band singing, the crowd was really amped up. Another high point was the song “Flight of the Sapphire Dragon”. For this song, they had an inflatable dragon that they sent off to the to the abyss, over the crowd, for a flight of the ages. 


Follow Twilight Force band members

Philip Lindh (Lynd) – lead guitar, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, lute

Daniel Beckman (Blackwald) – keyboards, backing vocals, piano, violin, cembalo

Dunder Björn Lundqvist (Born) – bass, backing vocals

Jocke Leandro Johansson (Aerendir) – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Alessandro Conti (Allyon) – lead vocals

Isak Olsson (De’Azsh) – drums, percussion




1). Dawn of the Dragonstar

2). Twilight Force

3). Dragonborn

4). Thundersword

5). Flight of the Sapphire Dragon

6). Sunlight Knight

7). At the Heart of Wintervale

7). The Power of the Ancient Force


Gloryhammer was what we were here for. They came out on stage and dominated the performance, and opened with “Holy Flaming Hammer of Unholy Cosmic Frost”. Prince Angus McFife was on point all night. He says he loves to party, but sometimes it’s just to much which the the crowd didn’t agree with. He seemed bummed out but he passed on the speech and said, let it fly. On to the next one! 

They meddled their way through the set, blasting through with the songs “Fly Away”, “Angus McFife” and “Wasteland Warriors Hoots Patrol” and having fun the entire time.  The green goblin came out at one point and battled the singer who won, and stealing his hammer in the process. The hammer was well used in the set as a prop and a weapon against the green goblin (who showed up two more times). Bass player, The Hootsman, was featured in two songs, “The Hollywood Hootsman” and “Fife Eternal”. That was amazing to see! As the set continued, they played their songs with grace and honor. Jamming through “The Siege of Dunkeld (In Hoots We Trust)”, “Universe on Fire” and “Hootsforce” to play out the night. Finally, the last song came, “The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee” and The Hootsman was crowned king and the show was over.


Follow Gloryhammer band members

Christopher Bowes (Zargothrax) – keyboards, backing vocals

Ben Turk (Ralathor) – drums

Paul Templing (Ser Proletius) – guitars, backing vocals

James Cartwright (The Hootsman) – bass, backing vocals

Michael Barber (Zargothrax)  – keyboards

Sozos Michael (Angus McFife) – lead vocals



1). Holy Flaming Hammer of Unholy Cosmic Frost

2). Gloryhammer

3). The Land of Unicorns

4). Fly Away

5). Angus McFife

6). Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol

7). The Hollywood Hootsman

8). Fife Eternal

9). Masters of the Galaxy

10). Sword Lord of the Goblin Horde

11). The Siege of Dunkeld (In Hoots We Trust)

12) Keeper of the Celestial Flame of Abernethy

13). Universe on Fire

14). Hootsforce

15). The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee





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