jakub | April 1, 2024

Grimes reckons the use of AI in music “will probably shape all minds going forward for the rest of time”

Grimes has discussed the impact AI could have on the future of music during an appearance in a new docuseries.

The singer was interviewed for the new six-part Ari Wallach series A Brief History Of The Future, which uses “history, science, and unexpected storytelling to expand our understanding about the impact that the choices we make today will have on our tomorrows.”

“I think because we’re all alive, we all take it for granted that I can think and I have agency and I can feel,” Grimes began. “I think the universe is empty and quiet and it wants to be woken up and filled with beautiful things.”

She went on to discuss how technology has already changed the landscape of the music world, with advancements allowing people to make music from their bedrooms. “When I started making music, there was sort of this revolution happening in music production, more people were being able to make music at home on their computers and I think there was a massive democratisation of who was allowed to make music that, like, I took huge advantage of. That was fully the byproduct of technology.”

She then connects this to the potential for shifts to take place with the help of AI. “You know, when I see some of the new stuff coming with AI, all this stuff that is about to explode, when everyone has the same tools that can make professional quality stuff, then you get to see the actual talent really rise to the top,” she explained.

“If there’s ever a moment to have a feeling of purpose, I think it would be now, because what we do in the things we create over the next few decades will probably shape all minds going forward for the rest of time.”

Grimes has become one of the most prolific voices in the music industry advocating for AI, having recently made over 200+ GrimesAI Records available for content creators to use on any platform. She also released software that mimicked her voice so people could use it in songs last year.

In December, she lent her voice to a new AI children’s toy called ‘Grok’, a plush toy that can talk.

Meanwhile, Grimes shared a teaser clip of her working in a recording studio back in January, hinting that new music is on the way.

The musician’s last release was her 2022 single ‘Shinigami Eyes‘. Her last album release was 2020’s ‘Miss Anthropocene


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