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Incubus + Live’s Stellar Performance at Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, Australia on 14th April 2024



On a cool autumn evening in Melbourne, fans flocked to Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena as two of the most iconic 1990’s rock bands embarked on their first co-headlining tour in Australia.

The arena was full and the crowd excited to see and hear the music of their youth. Incubus walked on stage to massive cheers and rapturous applause. They eased into the set with the ambient “Quicksand” amidst a kaleidoscopic visual backdrop and lighting.

The energy ramped up quickly with the guitar-driven “Wish You Were Here”  and “Anna Molly”. Incubus didn’t disappoint performing all the fan favourites like “Stellar”,  the crowd humming along to the riff of “Circles”, “The Warmth”, DJ Chris Kilmore’s sample-infused “Are You In”, and the acoustic-driven “Drive”.

Incubus are both understated and underrated as musicians. Frontman Brandon Boyd delivered every song with passion and intensity,  creating numerous introspective moments. Mike Einziger is a sonic architect on the guitar, his phaser/delay sounds create ambience and is an iconic part of the Incubus sound. The rhythm section consisting of newest member  Nicole Row on bass and Jose Pasillas II on drums tightly held the music together with moments to shine, from the intensity of “Sad Sick Little World to the groove of “Are You In”. DJ Chris Kilmore is like the icing on the cake – adding samples, record scratching, and soundscapes to the music.

Interestingly, the show included a bunch of cover songs. “Karma” smoothly transitioned into The Beatles‘ “Come Together”, and “Vitamin” leading into Portishead’s iconic “Glory Box”. The audience looked on with interest during David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, with singer Boyd remarking on his woodblock prowess during the song.

The set concluded with the showstopper “Wish You Were Here” leaving fans with a satisfied smile on their faces. 



Brandon Boyd – Vocals and Percussion

Mike Einziger – Guitar

Nicole Row – Bass

Jose Pasillas II – Drums

DJ Chris Kilmore – Turntables




1.) Quicksand

2.) Nice to Know You

3.) Anna Molly

4.) Stellar

5.) Sick Sad Little Word

6.) Circles

7.) The Warmth

8.) Pardon Me

9.) Karma / Come Together

10.) Are You In?

11.) Vitamin – Glory Box

12.) Warning

13.) Let’s Dance

14.) Drive

15.) Wish You Were Here


After tumultuous lineup changes in their career, Live has returned with the founding member/singer Ed Kowalczyk and a band of touring musicians. Live unfortunately cancelled their proposed tour with Under the Southern Stars back in March 2022, so fans were grateful to finally see them in person.

 VIP fans were seated on the sides of the stage as they eagerly waited for the band to perform. Frontman Kowalczyk and the band stepped on stage, with the frontman remarking how old some of the songs were before launching into “Hold Me Up” and “All Over You”.

Kowalczyk has that distinctive voice that is instantly recognisable as Live. He delivered every song with a fierce intensity that the music is known for. However, he was also playful during the performance, taking moments to dance and enjoy the moment.  Zak Loy took on rockstar duties, driving the grungy guitar riff of “Lakani Juice” and a guitar solo during “White Discussion”.

The band knew fans were here to hear their hits, and after a brief pause, they finished the evening with “I Alone” and “Lightning Crashes” much to the cheers of the crowd. Tonight was an evening that embraced what 9o’s and early 2000’s rock was about. 



Ed Kowalczyk – lead vocals, rhythm guitar 

Touring musicians:

Zak Loy – lead guitar

Robin Diaz – drums 

Chris Heerlein – bass




1.) Hold Me Up

2.) All Over You

3.) Selling the Drama

4.) Freaks

5.) Shit Towne

6.) Run to the Water

7.) The Dolphin’s Cry

8.) Leave the Radio On

9.) Turn My Head

10.) White Discussion

11.) Lakini’s Juice

12.) I Alone

13.) Lightning Crashes








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