jakub | February 17, 2024

Infrasound Is Your Bass Paradise

If you want an event that is truly rooted in the community, look no further than Infrasound Festival. This year is the 13th edition of the celebration and it takes place at Harmony Park Music Garden in Clarks Grove, Minnesota, from June 6-9. Set amidst a majestic 250-year-old oak tree forest, this serene venue provides is PERFECT for everything Infrasound. Tickets: https://theticketing.co/e/infra24.

The full lineup hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re in for a treat as announce UK-producer Joker as the first headliner for 2024, highlighting the festival’s commitment to delivering unique and influential bass music experiences. In a special treat for attendees, Joker is slated to perform two distinct sets, offering a rare opportunity to experience the breadth of his musical genius in one weekend. WOAH!

Founded by Minneapolis natives Alex “Toffler” Heiligman and David Liberman, Infrasound has grown from its rave origins into a premier showcase of international talent, featuring artists like Tipper, Noisia, Shpongle, Amon Tobin, Ganja White Night, G Jones, and more. At Infrasound, the concept of a “main stage” is refreshingly absent. Each stage is special and unique. This means that any stage can be the highlight of the festival with a focus on music or art.

Harmonic Stage is equipped with a Funktion-One sound system, complemented by an impressive array of 3mm curved LED walls, high powered lasers and state of the art lighting, creating an immersive auditory and visual experience that captivates and energizes the audience.

The Portal Stage, an iconic fixture at Infrasound, exemplifies the festival’s innovative integration of art and music. Originally designed by Carey Thompson for a Tipper New Year’s Eve show in San Francisco, this masterpiece of woodwork and sacred geometry was later acquired by Infrasound to enhance its immersive experience. Known for his contributions to major events like Burning Man and Electric Forest, Thompson’s design, coupled with an Element 5 sound system and ClearVoid visuals, creates a unique atmosphere that is quintessentially Infrasound. This stage’s history from a bespoke event piece to a central festival element underlines Infrasound’s commitment to curating unforgettable spaces where artistry and electronic music converge, offering attendees a profound communal experience.

The Pyramid Stage is not just a platform for musical performances but a canvas for visual artistry, with a storied presence at Infrasound since 2013. This stage is a testament to the festival’s intimate atmosphere, nestled within the forest campgrounds, where attendees can closely engage with performing artists. Enhanced by the pristine sound quality of Void Acoustics, the Pyramid Stage is a focal point for auditory excellence in the open air. Adding a significant layer to this intimate experience is Aaron Brooks (@abrooksart), an independent visual artist based in Colorado. Known for creating Subtronics’ iconic Cyclops logo, Brooks has a long-standing collaboration with Infrasound, where his live mural paintings become a dynamic backdrop to the music. His contributions underscore the festival’s commitment to fusing music with visual arts, making the Pyramid Stage a unique nexus of creativity and community in the heart of Harmony Park.

While the festival began with humble beginnings, it has grown to be a well respected festival. David and Alex’s vision came to life in such a beautiful way. Their journey from attending events at Harmony Park as teens to curating one of the most anticipated festivals in the electronic music scene is a testament to their passion for and dedication to the community.

Infrasound is more than a festival; it’s an annual pilgrimage for the electronic music community, offering a sanctuary where artistry, creativity, and connection flourish. As we prepare to unveil more headliners and the full lineup, we invite you to join us in celebrating 13 years of Infrasound, where every discovery is a story waiting to unfold.


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