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Joe Bonamassa Brings “Guitar Church” to The Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina on March 12, 2024



On an absolutely beautiful evening in Greenville, South Carolina and Joe Bonamassa truly brought his amazing talent to a sold-out audience at the Peace Center downtown. What made this show a bit different was that there wasn’t an opening act. So, when the show is listed to start at 7:30 pm it actually started at EXACTLY 7:30 pm. You did not want to be late for this one, especially as a photographer allowed to photograph only the first three songs! I got to the venue right on time! Whew! I love photographing at the Peace Center for a few reasons. First of all, the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful and simply couldn’t be nicer to me every time. Then the lighting in the venue is the best around. That is an absolute bonus for any photographer… and I was the only photographer there that evening! Very surprising, since I usually see some of the same faces at every show. Certainly did not mind! And, I love the images I get to share with you here. 

When it comes to Joe Bonamassa, if you are a guitar player you need to see him live! He is just amazing! Not only was I mesmerized by his guitar playing but I was truly engaged with his vocal abilities as well. He, and his backup singers were spot-on with their vocal performances. Joe has a voice that really reminds me of Paul Rogers from Bad Company.

Joe Bonamassa is like a Ferrari driving down your street at 5 miles per hour… you just don’t know when he is going to hit the gas!” I think that sums it up pretty well as he also described the show as being very “dynamic” going from the loudest of guitar playing to the most quiet, subtle playing. That is the best way to describe Joe’s playing, dynamic! Not only was Joe amazing, so was his band. Reese Wynans on keyboards was such a treat after his time with the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughn. You could see it in Reece’s face that he was just loving every moment of being on that stage. Joe’s two singers, Jade McCray and Danielle De Andrea not only backed him up but also gave their own incredible performances and reminded me of some of the vocals in Pink Floyd’s “The Great Gig in the Sky”. Rounding out the band were guitarist, Josh Smith, bassist Calvin Turner, and drummer, Lemar Carter. Each performer was given their time to shine in this gig and they all are top-notch players. Joe made sure to have all of their talent truly highlighted. 

Then, there are Joe’s guitars. If you are a vintage guitar collector there are some amazing instruments he has on the road with him. I was surprised to learn how much these guitars are worth and he actually tours with them! The 1958 Flying V “Amos” guitar that he was playing is valued between $335,000 to $435,000 US. I wonder how much the other amazing guitars that he played that evening are worth? Kind of crazy to be traveling with those, in my opinion, but it was special to know what he was playing! Wow! 



Joe Bonamassa – Guitar and Lead Vocals

Josh Smith– guitar

Reese Wynans– keys

Lemar Carter– drums

Calvin Turner- bass

Jade McCray– backup singer

Danielle De Andrea- backup singer


To really get to know Joe Bonamassa I would suggest watching this interview he did with Rick Beato. It is really a great conversation and he is a really cool guy! 



Set List: 

1.) Hope You Realize It

2.) 24 Hour Blues

3.) Well I Done Got Over

4.) Self Inflicted Wounds

5.) Shout About It

6.) Last Matador of Bayonne

7.) Breakin’ Up Someone’s Home

8.) Heart That Never Waits

9.) Is It Safe To Go Home?

10.) Lazy Poker Blues

11.) Just Got Paid

13.) Sloe Gin







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