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John Squire explains why the Stone Roses never made a new album during 2011 reunion

John Squire has explained why The Stone Roses never made a new album during their 2011 reunion tour.

It has now been 30 years since the Manchester legends released a record, with their last full-length project ‘Second Coming’ dropping in 1994. Although the band reunited briefly for a 2011 tour, and released two singles in 2016 before their split in 2019, they never made any new albums – and now, guitarist Squire has said why.

In an interview with The Guitarist (via Music News), Squire said that “no one wanted to do it – so it turned out to not be that frustrating at all.”

Squire went on to say that had the group recorded a third album, his guitar playing would be “more measured and respectful”. “I wish I hadn’t overdone the guitar on that second album [‘Second Coming’]”, he said.

However, he spoke of his upcoming self-titled debut with Liam Gallagher, teasing that his guitar playing is “better”.

“With this record [with Gallagher], I’ve tried to keep out of the way of the vocal,” he said. “This is a better guitar performance than the other records – and it should be, given the amount of years I’ve been playing.”

The Stone Roses, Gary ‘Mani” Mounfield, John Squire, Alan ‘Reni’ Wren and Ian Brown.

Squire is due to appear on tour with Gallagher next month, which reportedly sold out in 30 seconds. They will be joined by Barrie Cadogan (Little Barrie, Paul Weller) on bass and Joey Waronker on drums, along with Jake Bugg as their special guest for all shows except Brooklyn.

So far, the duo have shared the singles ‘Just Another Rainbow’ and ‘Mars to Liverpool’ from the record. Gallagher has also shared the track that made him have “a little cry”: “The one that makes me emotional ‘Mother Nature’s Song’ is a killer. It’s absolutely beautiful and it sort of really stops me in me tracks and makes me think.”

In other news, The Stone Roses have released a new Adidas collection with Manchester United.

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