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Lady A Brings Their “Request Line” Tour to the Louisville Palace in Louisville, Kentucky 4-21-23



Lady A puts a twist on their current tour which is titled, The Request Line Tour, this is a set curated by the band but also the fans. The premise of this tour is that fans can call in and leave a voicemail and request songs to be played on the various dates of the tour. This means that the set will change nightly, and there are several instances throughout the show where they play the voicemails from people or mention what was requested and then the song is inserted into the set. This makes for an interactive experience for the audience and guarantees that no two shows are the same. It also shows the versatility of Lady A because they are able to adapt nightly to a different setlist. 

The Louisville Palace is an intimate theater-style setting but has the ability to hold enough of a crowd that you can feel the energy in a room, and this Lady A show was no different. This was an almost sold-out crowd, and they were anxious to hear what songs were going to be sung at the Request Line Tour. They started out the night with some of their well-known songs like “I Run to You,” “American Honey,” and “Bartender.” “Bartender” was a fan favorite and the crowd was engaged in that fun energetic track.

They moved seamlessly through the first half of their set and they arrived at the first request, “Dancin’ Away With My Heart,” which was requested by a mother who lost her almost 18-year-old daughter. While they didn’t sing the entire song, they had the crowd light up the room with their flashlights in solidarity, while the mother, whom they asked if she was there stood with a friend and wept. It was a truly moving moment to experience and showed the power of live music. 

Another moment that got the crowd even more engaged was their medley of country music classics to honor their induction many years ago into the Grand Ole Opry like “Jolene” and “Forever & Ever Amen.” This had the crowd singing along loudly, and it moved seamlessly into the next request which was “Singing Me Home.” They had a really enthused audience member sing along with them. They gave them the rotary phone that they had on stage for this night on tour, which is a staple for every show on this tour, that the phone is given away. 

Another sentimental moment was when they sang a request by Hilary Scott’s daughter, Eisele. She requested, “What I’m Leaving For,” which was a heartfelt moment to hear Hilary sing a song to her family that they’ve left behind to go on tour. Then like the ebb and flow of a tide, they brought the tempo up for more requests, but these were requests that were not in their catalog of songs. This had the crowd laughing as they covered songs like, “My Heart Will Go On,” “Shake It Off,” “Living on a Prayer.” Of course someone kept yelling from the audience….”Free Bird.” 

Engagement was at a high level and the nature of this show made it so people were engaged from start to finish, waiting to hear what the next track would be. Would it be an expected song or would it be a requested deep cut? Charles Kelley ended the night before the encore by getting out into the audience and interacting with the crowd. They of course ended with their newly RIAA Diamond Certified track “Need You Now.” This was a concert packed with fan favorites and a truly engaging take on a tour that left fans wanting more. 


Lady A:

Hillary Scott: Vocals

Charles Kelley: Vocals

Dave Haywood: Vocals/Guitar/Piano




1.) I Run to You
2.) American Honey
3.) Bartender
4.) What if I Never Get Over You
5.) Dancin’ Away With My Heart
6.) Heartbreak
7.) Hello World
8.) It Ain’t Pretty
9.) You Look Good 
10.) Our Kind of Love
11.) Just a Kiss
12.) Army
13.) Classic Country Medley- Compass, Meet in the Middle, Dust on the Bottle,  Forever & Ever Amen, Jolene
14.) As Far as You Could
15.) Singing Me Home
16.) What I’m Leaving For
17.) All We’d Ever Need
18.) Covers Medley- Shake it Off, Livin’ on a Prayer, My Heart Will Go On, Free Bird, Fresh Prince of Bel Air
19.) You-Dan and Shay cover 
20.) What I’m Leaving For
21.) All We’d Ever Need
22.) We Owned the Night
23.) Downtown 
24.) Love Don’t Live Here 


25.) A Love Song
26.) Need You Now 





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