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Lindsey Stirling Brings the Christmas Spirit to the Louisville Palace in Louisville, Kentucky on December 8, 2023


The Christmas season is full of magic and wonder. Lindsey Stirling’s “Snow Waltz Tour” brought the Christmas magic and more to a sold-out show at the Louisville Palace in Louisville, KY. The show was high energy and entertained the audience. The audience was engaged with every moment. One of the highlights of the show was how Lindsey was able to interweave stories throughout the show to lead into the next segment.


The show was a combination of Christmas classics as well as originals. Even with the classics, Lindsey was able to put her own arrangements into them to make them unique and an individual experience. She started with upbeat fun numbers like “Sleigh Ride,” “Christmas Come On,” and “Warmer in the Winter.” 


She then changed costumes into an Irish-looking outfit for “Joy to the World” and a medley of Christmas classics like “Jingle Bells,” “Deck the Halls,” Hedwig’s Theme,” and “Jingle Bell Rock.” What made this segment interesting was that they played on tiny instruments, which allowed them to show their musical expertise. 


One of the most poignant stories of the evening was her lead into “O Holy Night.” She talked about how faith has always played an integral role in her life, but there was a time when she was struggling with belief. She said in the middle of the struggle she had a desire to tackle that head-on through her arrangement of “O Holy Night.” She wrote this arrangement to tell the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Lindsey said through this time she was able to reestablish her faith. The next story related to this in describing her feelings about missing her dad who had passed away, and how she felt that she had encountered him through angels, and then went to play “Angels We Have Heard on High.”


There were also several moments of aerial work that were beautifully intertwined with her violin playing. The dancers were exceptional throughout, adding shade and nuance to the musical numbers such as with “Santa Baby” and the encore number “Wander.” The audience was enraptured with every performance and gave a standing ovation at the end. This was a performance that could grace the largest and grandest stages out there.


Lindsey Stirling: Violin, Vocals

Drew Steen: Drums

Ryan Riveros: Keyboard, Guitar, Sax




1.) Sleigh Ride
2.) Christmas Come On
3.) Warmer in the Winter
4.) Let it Snow
5.) Joy to the World
6.) Jingle Bells / Deck the Halls / Frosty the Snowman/Hedwig’s Theme /Feliz Navidad /
Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer / Jingle Bell Rock/Devil Went Down to Georgia
7.) Feliz Navidad
8.) O Holy Night
9.) Angels We Have Heard on High
10.) Crystallize
11.) Snow Waltz
12.) Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
13.) Santa Baby
14.) Carol of the Bells
15.) Ice Storm
16.) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
17.)You’re a Mean One Mr Grinch
18.) Magic


19.) Wander




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