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M3F and Top 5 Artists to See

Hey, hey! M3F is coming up and we’re here to share some of our favorite artists on the lineup. While this doesn’t encompass all of the artists, there are tons of great ones! We’re going to share a little bio about each artist. Credit goes to Daniel Karasek with his Bonnaroo Artist of the Day research for the bios. M3F is also a non-profit, in case you forgot!

Lane 8

Lane 8, also known as Daniel Goldstein, is a Denver-based DJ and producer that makes silky-smooth melodic house music. Originally from California, he started making garage rock as a kid and later transitioned to hip-hop and making beats. Through his beat creation he came into his own by making dance music. Lane 8 started uploading original tracks and remixes in 2012 which got him signed to Above & Beyond’s Anjunadeep label the next year. In 2015, he released his debut album Rise which featured guest vocalists including Matthew Dear, Solomon Grey, and Patrick Baker. He then started his own label and event series, both called This Never Happened, and became a successful touring artist. His second album, Little by Little, was released in 2018 featuring collaborations with Polica, J.F., July, and Fractures. In 2020, Lane 8’s third album Brightest Lights got millions of streams within months of its release. Following this release, he focused on dropping singles including “Oh, Miles” and “Riptide.” On the This Never Happened tour for 2022, no cameras are allowed in the venue, making each show an event to get lost in the music instead of doom scrolling.


Elderbrook, aka Alexander Kotz, is an English EDM producer that does his own vocals in his mixes. He played in an indie rock group as a teenager as their guitarist and singer/songwriter. He didn’t start dabbling in EDM until he started studying in Bath, England. Taking bits of Alt-J’s oddness and Disclosure’s groove, Elderbrook crafted his own style that relies on sounds extracted from everyday life including ice cracking, voices, and falling objects. His first hit was “How Many times” off his first EP Simmer Down which was released via Rudimental’s Black Butter Records. In 2017, Elderbrook had his breakout hit “Cola” which was a collaboration with CamelPhat that topped the dance charts worldwide. Three years later he released his debut album Why Do We Shake in the Cold? which featured another major hit “Numb.” Elderbrook had a missed connection for playing Roo previously and will have a warm reception on the Farm this summer!

Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus is a indie rock quartet from the Twin Cities that formed in 2013 from high school friendships in St. Paul. The band consists of frontman Jake Luppen, guitarist Nathan Stocker, bassist Zach Sutton, and drummer Whistler Allen who go by on-stage code names Stitches, Beans, Espo, and Turntan. Hippos Campus made waves in their local scene that got the attention of Trampled by Turtles management who started promoting the group. The band played SXSW and made an appearance on Conan ahead of their 2014 debut EP Bashful Creatures. The next year they signed with Universal and released a couple more EPs before their album Landmark dropped in 2017. The album reached number 15 on Billboard’s Top Alternative Albums Chart. Hippo Campus released their second album Bambi in 2018 which hit 14 on the Independent Albums Chart. The band now records in their own studio in Minneapolis where they recorded their third album LP3 which arrived in 2022.


Dayglow, also known as Sloan Struble, is a Texas-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that spews really catchy indie pop. He grew up in Aledo, Texas outside of Fort Worth and began recording music at ten years old after a friend showed him GarageBand. He started to learn multiple instruments all while recording by himself in his bedroom. In 2018, Sloan left for college at the University of Texas in Austin where he self-released his first album Fuzzybrain under the name Dayglow. With the catchy single “Can I Call You Tonight?” the album gained momentum in the bedroom pop community and on streaming platforms, amassing millions of plays. Sloan then saw more success with appearances at SXSW and Austin City Limits as well as a tour offer with COIN. In 2019, Fuzzybrain got a physical release via Nashville’s Acrophase Records. In 2021, Sloan released an ’80s bop single “Close to You.”


Vandelux, also known as Evan White, is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from Vancouver, BC who is now located in San Francisco. His moniker comes from a composition of where he has lived, including Vancouver, Deland, and Luxembourg. Vandelux has built a sound that takes from a global perspective, embracing both nostalgic and contemporary electronic production techniques. In 2021, he released his Billboard-charting EP Dream State which was followed by his debut album When The Light Breaks in September of 2023. He is a true rising talent in the electronic scene, with this year’s Bonnaroo being one of his first major debuts as an artist. We’re looking forward to the set!

Are you ready? Check M3F Festival out!


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