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Margo Price – “Til The Wheels Fall Off” Tour rolled through the Observatory North Park in San Diego, California on 2/7/2023




“I was there when Miss Margo Price played the Observatory” is going to end up as something San Diego music fans are going to tell each other when Margo Price is playing arenas and stadiums. On February 7, 2023 Margo Price brought her “Til The Wheels Fall Off” tour to San Diego and it was one hell of a night. 

First up was singer-songwriter Lola Kirke who brought her  blend of pop, R&B, and soul to the stage, delivering a dynamic and engaging performance. Lola, along with Ellen on guitar and Alex on drums sounded fantastic and really seemed to synced to each other during the set. The set list included nearly the entire  “Lady For Sale” album. It’s a great album and I did particularly enjoy “Better Than Any Drug” and the ” I Want To Know What Love Is (Foreigner Cover)” to close out her set, and it had me smiling going into the set break.

The only downside to her performance was the lack of lighting during her set. Little did I know how bad the lighting was going to get for Margo Price.


Lola Kirke:

Lola Kirke – Vocal, Guitar

Ellen Angelico – Guitar, Keys

Alex Wong – Drums




1.) The Crime

2.) Lady For Sale

3.) If I Win

4.) No Secrets

5.) Stay Drunk

6.) Broken Families

7.)Pink Sky

8.) By Your Side

9.) Better Than Any Drug

10.) I Want To Know What Love Is (Foreigner Cover)


Then it was time for Magro Price and her amazing band. Price’s set was a perfect mix of songs from her critically acclaimed albums, including “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter” and “That’s How Rumors Get Started,” along with a couple of covers and seven songs of the new album “Strays”. From the show opener “Take It To The Mountain” to the solo, a cappella Janice Joplin cover of “Mercedes Benz” encore closer,  the packed house was captivated by her soulful voice and engaging stage presence. Price’s voice was powerful and captivating, with a raw and emotional energy to the crowd. Her blend of country, blues, rock, and soul influences created an unforgettable sound that had the audience dancing along to every song. I have to say that “Light Me Up ” was probably my favorite tune of the evening. The live version was even better than the album version from “Strays” that features Mike Campbell

One of the intangible things that makes a great band is chemistry. The chemistry between the band members and Price was palpable, making for an unforgettable performance. Margo stalked around the stage with an energy and excitement that was infectious. It seemed that everyone was smiling and just having a blast. The Observatory provided the perfect intimate setting for the concert, allowing for an up-close and personal experience for the fans. The sound was top-notch, enhancing the performance and creating a great audio experience.

I’m not going to discuss the lighting or the lack of it except to say that the photos are a record of the evening, and I am eagerly looking forward to when Margo Price returns to San Diego and performs at a venue with lighting that will do her show justice. 

Go see her now while you can still get up close because I don’t see this band playing smaller venues for long.


Margo Price Band:

Margo Price  – Vocals, Guitar, Drums,  Tamborine, Telephone

Micah Hulscher – Keys

Jamie Davis – lead guitar



Kevin Black – bass






1.) Been To The Mountain

2.) Letting Me Down

3.) Four Years Of Chances

4.) Hell In The Heartland

5.) Change Of Heart

6.) Country Road

7.) Light Me Up

8.) Tennessee Song

9.) Landfill

10.) Thats How Rumors Get Started

11.) Twinkle Twinkle 

12.) Shelter Me

13.) All American Made

14.)You’re No Good ( Clint Ballard Jr. Cover)

15.) Radio

16.) Heartless Mind 


17.) Hurtin’ (On The Bottle) / I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink / Whiskey River

18.) Mercedes Benz (Janis Joplin Cover) (Margo solo a cappella)







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