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Mitski Kicks Off Four Show Residency at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on April 8th, 2024




Sarah Kinsley and Mitski made a grand entrance at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on April 8th, 2024, marking Mitski’s first of her four-show residency.

Sarah Kinsley, a singer-songwriter and alt-pop artist, leads the evening as the opening act.  Opening with “Karma,” Kinsley immediately captured the audience’s attention with her storytelling. When Kinsley shared that she was in a state of shock that day (because of playing at the Ryman Auditorium), an audience member shouted out, “ME TOO!”, adding a touch of spontaneity and shared excitement. The song “Black Horse” from Kinsley’s latest EP Ascension instigated loud cheers from the crowd and proved to be one of the highlights of the evening. “The King” had an even bigger response, with much of the audience singing along.

One of my favorite moments of the night was the closing song “Oh No Darling!” This was partially because of the people in the audience around me who seemed perfectly delighted to dance along. It was also because of Kinsley herself, who closed the set dancing with her bandmates. Kinsley’s dance had the kind of carefree energy that you used to experience as a child, where you felt no worries in the world. Earlier in the set, she mentioned that the evening was a special occasion and a “once in a lifetime” event. However, I simply can’t imagine a world where Sarah Kinsley doesn’t grace the Ryman stage again to a sold-out crowd.



Sarah Kinsley – Vocals

Dea Milo – Guitar

Jane Paknia – Keyboard

Zac Coe – Drums




1.  Karma

2. What Was Mine

3. Lovegod

4. The Giver

5. Sliver of Time

6.  * Title Unkown

7. Black Horse

8. The King

9. Oh No Darling! 



Mitski was next to take the Ryman stage for her  “The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We” tour and it was a mesmerizing blend of music, art, and theatricality that left the audience enchanted. The show commenced with “Everyone,” Mitski’s silhouette hidden behind a towering curtain, setting an air of mystery and anticipation.

The concert unfolded like a theatrical production, with each song becoming a scene in an avant-garde like musical. Dramatic lighting, choreography, props, and the use of a giant red curtain amplified the experience, transforming it into more than just a concert. 

In typical theatrical fashion, Mitski didn’t engage in a ton of dialogue with the crowd during the set, instead focusing on choreography and her performance. However, at the beginning of the show, the band shared their day’s experience, which included visiting some rescue cats in need of adoption. Mitski encouraged the audience to consider adopting if they have room in their lives, stating, “Put your energy into an animal instead of toxic people.”

Mitski’s voice, with its rich texture, resonated powerfully through the iconic mother church, eliciting full-throated screams at the start of songs and moments of hushed anticipation between them. The play of lights added another dimension, especially notable during ‘Heaven,’ where Mitski danced with a spotlight, embodying the music’s essence.

The seven-piece band’s energy was infectious, especially during “I Don’t Smoke,” noted by Mitski as their line dancing song, a nod appreciated in Nashville. The audience’s fervor peaked during the encore, with “Nobody” and “Washing Machine Heart” eliciting ecstatic responses and encouraging dancing and singing throughout the venue.

Notably, during the encore, the audience fully embraced the moment, with even those initially seated joining in the celebration, encapsulating Mitski’s ability to fill hearts and spaces with her music and artistry. As Mitski’s sang earlier in the evening, “Fill me up, fill me full up,” it was clear that Mitski and supporting artist Sarah Kinsley had indeed filled up the Ryman with an unforgettable experience of music, art, and emotion.


Mitski’s Band is:

Mitsuki Miyawaki – Vocals

Jeni Magana – Bass

Patrick Hyland – Guitar

Bruno Esrubilsky – Drums

Fats Kaplin – Fiddle / Accordion / Steel Guitar 

Callan Dwan – Keyboard / Guitar

Brijean Murphy – Percussion 

Ty Bailie – Piano





1. Everyone

2. Buffalo Replaced

3. Working for the Knife

4. The Frost

5. The Deal

6. Valentine, Texas

7. I Bet on Losing Dogs

8. Thursday Girl

9. Geyser

10. I Love Me After You

11. First Love/Late Spring

12. Star

13. Heaven

14. I Don’t Like My Mind

15. Happy

16. My Love Mine All Mine

17. Last Words of a Shooting Star

18. Pink in the Night

19. I’m Your Man

20. I Don’t Smoke

21. Bug Like an Angel

22. Love Me More

23. Fireworks

24. Nobody

25. Washing Machine Heart






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