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Nothing But Thieves Bring Dead Club City Tour to Melbourne at Margaret Court Arena, In Melbourne, Australia on 4th May 2024



On a cool autumn evening, the Melbourne CBD  (Melbourne Central Business District) was buzzing with activity, and the city held several events on the same evening. The MCG and Marvel Stadium hosted Australian Football League games with the footy season in full swing. Next door to Margaret Court Arena, ex-One Direction member Niall Horan was playing a sold-out show at Rod Laver Arena. 

But tonight, fans gathered to see British rock band Nothing But Thieves, who have returned to Australia in less than 12 months. The attention they received from their last headline tour and Groovin the Moo Festival paid off with their first arena tour in Australia.

To open the show was The Moving Stills, a young four-piece band from the NSW Central Coast. The crowd embraced and vibed to their style of upbeat indie pop music. 

Bassist Brad Guthmann was animated and totally engaged in the music, Mike Drennan took a few solo guitar riff moments, all the while Ben Day kept it together on the drums and Tom Mahler delivered a relaxed vocal performance whilst driving on rhythm guitar.  

Their performance included songs from the 2023 album Wabi Sabi  like “Sunshine”, “I Got You”, and their interpretation of Ladyhawke’s “My Delirium”. It was cohesive and fun, making way for an entertaining evening. 



Tom Mahler – Vocals and Guitar

Brad Guthmann – Bass

Mike Drennan – Guitar and Vocals

Ben Day – Drums





2. My Delirium  (Ladyhawke cover)

3. I Got You

4. Volcano


Nothing But Thieves is a rock band established 10 years ago in Essex in the United Kingdom. Touring extensively on their fourth album Dead Club City, they had plenty of material to cover in their show.

15 minutes before the show, “Dead Club Radio” played over the PA with fictitious band interviews and disco-style music to hype the crowd. With the DJ announcing the arrival of Nothing But Thieves, they launched into “Welcome to the DCC” in a flood of red stage lighting and the frenzied roar of the crowd.

The stage production seemed slightly more stripped back and lean compared to their other international shows. No background visuals, just a big clean stage and a sea of lighting around them. In a way, this facilitated fans to focus and connect with the band, and the band seemed to utilize the space to walk/run around during the show, with frontman Conor Mason strolling over to James Price on drums during “Tomorrow is Closed”, and Joe, Dom, and Phil also connecting with James numerous times during the show.  

Their sound is eclectic and dynamic, going from hard-hitting rock to synth new wave and all elements in between.  From the reflective “Sorry”, to the intimate “Lover, Please Stay” which had the crowd out with their phone torches, to the glorious guitar-heavy instrumental “Ce n’est Rien / Gods / Number 13” featuring Joe Langridge-Brown and Dominic Craik, that leads into the heavy “Unperson”.

Conor has a falsetto-style voice that is very reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke. He effortlessly carried and changed up the mood from one song to the next. He was clearly chuffed being in Melbourne, remarking that it was the best city in Australia and how the first 5 minutes were the best on tour so far. 

The band returned with an encore that everyone wanted to hear, with “Amsterdam” and “Overcome” that had the crowd fist pumping and jumping up and down in unison.  This was one tightly delivered show from start to finish.



Conor Mason – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Joe Langrige-Brown – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keys

Dom Craik – Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Backing Vocals

Phil Blake- Bass

James Price – Drums, Drum Machine




1.) Welcome to the DCC

2.) Is Everybody Going Crazy?

3.) Tomorrow Is Closed

4.) Broken Machine

5.) Real Love Song

6.) City Haunts

7.) Drawing Pins

8.) Sorry

9.) Do You Love Me Yet?

10.) Ce n’est Rien / Gods / Number 13

11.) Unperson1

2.) You Know Me Too Well

13.) Lover, Please Stay

14.). Trip Switch

15.) Futureproof

16.) Impossible

17.) Pop the Balloon

18.) Oh No :: He Said What?


20.) Overcome





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