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Prog/Glam Rockers Ruby Topaz Releases ‘Ruby Topaz Again 23rd Anniversary Remaster’ – Onstage Magazine.com

Progressive glam rock band Ruby Topaz has a history in rock that goes back nearly 40s years, with the initial recordings of guitarist and vocalist, Mark Bram. Heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin, Queen and all things guitar rock, the band won many accolades in the 80s and early 90s for their unique sound and Bram’s inimitable guitar work. 

After releasing an album of all new songs called Rabbit Hole in 2023, Bram and company have decided to release an anniversary album spanning all the decades of Ruby Topaz called Topaz Again 23rd Anniversary Remaster. True to its name, Topaz Again brings the music or Roby Topaz’s eleven releases and requisite recordings to new life with a high-quality digital remaster which, in many ways, brings the past to present with retro glam rock vibes.

What sort of sound should listeners expect from Topaz Again? Bram describes it best himself:

We have the glam and theatrics of Cooper and Bowie, the sophisticated rock of Queen, the power and urgency of early Zeppelin with the melodic prowess of early Beatles.

With all those elements still present in both the band’s recent new work release, Rabbit Hole and in the anniversary remaster, fans of any of these bands will likely enjoy these releases, and fans of guitar will immediately recognize Bram’s virtuosity. With a growing interest in all things 80s by younger generations as well, Bram and Ruby Topaz stand to see a resurgence in popularity, with press and critics already picking up on their diverse style. Now with many of their vintage and current live videos on YouTube, a whole new fanbase stands to fall in love with Ruby Topaz Again.

Musician Names/Instruments: Mark Bram – vocals, guitars, guitar synth, bass, keyboards, drums
Steve D’Andrea – Drums, Backing Vocals
Producer Name(s): Mark Bram

Want You Know
Lookin 4 U
The Sack
Forever Near
Unicorn Song Ver 4.0
Change Of Face 
This Town
Lose Me
Knife In My Back
Far, Far Away – bonus track
Getting To The Point – bonus track 
Temptation Eyes/ 26 or 6 to 4 – bonus track 

Official Website: http://www.rubytopaz.com/ruby.htm
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@MrRubytopaz
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0fOhaRKRK7r3YTuG1chEkU
Bandcamp: https://rubytopaz.bandcamp.com/album/rabbit-hole

Ruby Topaz Bio
Exhibiting an interesting blend of pop, rock, glam, metal, blues and fusion, the music of Ruby Topaz was once described by a critic as ‘subtly savage melodic metal.’ The band’s music varies so much that it is difficult to tack a label on their style. Their influences run the gamut from The Beatles, The Monkees, and Hermans Hermits to Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, and The Mahavishnu Orchestra.
The name came about when, during a band name change, someone asked Mark what his birthstone was. He replied: “Topaz”. They went through a bunch of other birthstones to see what would pair well. When someone suggested Ruby, Mark said: “ooohh. Ruby Topaz…like Alice Cooper, except more glamorous”.  After a while, like The Alice Cooper Band, people started calling Mark “Ruby Topaz”, like they began calling Vincent Furnier “Alice Cooper”. Mark Bram, and his alter ego/band Ruby Topaz have a long and colorful history on the Rhode Island music scene. In the 80’s, the Ruby Topaz single Why/ The Sack had some international success, and was played on the radio in England, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium. They played their progressive brand of glam rock in Rhode Island as well as CBGB’s , Gildersleeves, and L’Amour’s in New York. Mark cowrote ‘A Piece of Our Hearts’ with Al Gomes of BIGNOISE RECORDS for Rhode Island Bandwagon, a project to feed the homeless in Rhode Island. Mark has produced five CDs, available on this website. In addition to recording and performing, Mark is a Grandmaster of the Lee Wah Yook Qi Quan system of internal Chinese martial arts, and teaches Yeung style Taijiquan in Providence, Rhode Island

All the recording culminated to form 2022’s Rabbit Hole, which not only refers to the title track, about the evolution of Mark and Katya’s relationship (from meeting to marriage ), but also Mark’s obsession with making these recordings sound right. It was mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Chris Hallam and Mark reconnected during the pandemic and is still an “honorary” member of the band and is there to fill in, which is why he’s listed in “Live Band Two”on the album and is depicted hiding behind a tree on the album cover.

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