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Queensrÿche’s Digital Noise Alliance Tour Kicks Off At The Plaza Live In Orlando, Florida on 03/03/23



There’s something to be said about catching a show on the very 1st stop of a tour. There aren’t any videos, setlists or spoilers circulating online because everything is brand new. Queensrÿche is kicking off their 2023 Digital Noise Alliance Tour and Orlando Florida is stop #1. The last time I covered a Queensrÿche show was back in 2020, on The Verdict Tour. That performance was at The Plaza Live, and they were once again playing host tonight. As I arrived, the 1st thing that caught my eye was the line of people that wrapped around the building. My other observation was that the iconic Plaza tower and the main marquee were not lit. These had not been working for months and still sat muted by the night sky. A curve ball that I didn’t see coming was that the air conditioning had also joined the list of things not working.


As 8:00pm arrived, I was ready for the appearance of Bay Area metal band Trauma. With its initial formation in 1981, the original lineup included legendary Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. Hot off the release of last year’s The Awakening album, Trauma got things started with 2018’s “From Here To Hell.” The 2nd song of the set, “Meat,” is also the band’s newest video and will premiere on March 10th. Denim and black were the attire of the evening as Trauma thoroughly thrashed those who were fortunate enough to have arrived early. “Death Of The Angel” signaled the end of the set and by this time the fans were primed. Be sure to follow Trauma online (links at bottom) and keep an eye out for the new video.



Kris Gustofson: Drums

Steve Robello: Guitars

Brian Allen: Lead Vocals

Michael Spencer: Bass

Casey Trask: Guitars




1.From Here To Hell


3.The River Red

4.End Of Everything

5.Walk Away

6.Death Of The Angel


Right around 8:45pm the lights dimmed, and it was time for Marty Friedman. Like most people, I was familiar with Friedman’s work from his time with Megadeth, but I was unaware of how much he had accomplished in Japan over the last 10 or so years. The biggest news as of late was Friedman rejoining Megadeth for a phenomenal performance at the fabled Budokan arena in Tokyo. I wasn’t sure what to expect tonight but I was pretty sure it would be entertaining. Friedman and his young bandmates joined together from a pre-show huddle and then it was time to rock.



The slow but powerful riffs of 2006’s Stigmata Addiction started things off with a bang. Friedman’s long curls whipped wildly about, and they wouldn’t be getting rest any time soon. Bassist Wakazaemon’s pink tresses were a nice touch to go along with her grinding bass work. Friedman announced they would be playing Amagi Goe from the 1st Tokyo Jukebox album. He said that it is very famous in Japan, but not so famous in Orlando Florida. The song was a hit with the crowd and included a snippet of Megadeth’s “Tornado Of Souls”. During the set, Friedman took several opportunities to go face to face with guitarist Naoki Morioka, and the results of their duels were spectacular. The band’s drummer, Chargee, is perhaps the most dynamic drummer I’ve seen to date. Whether he was standing atop his kit, cheering on the crowd, or pounding out beats in psychotic fashion, Chargee is the prototypical drummer that fans love to see. With songs like “Paradise Express” and “Dragon Mistress”, Friedman proved why he is the guitar virtuoso that he is. This set was a blast and it’s one that you really need to see live, so don’t miss out.


Marty Friedman:

Marty Friedman: Guitar

Chargeeeeee: Drums

Wakazaemon: Bass

Naoki Morioka: Guitar



10:00pm was the witching hour. Queensrÿche is a band that I’ve been fortunate to see several times over the years, going all the way back to The Warning and Operation Mind: Crime. With the release of Digital Noise Alliance last fall, I knew a tour would be coming soon, and to have it kick off here in Orlando was a blessing. The capacious standing room only floor was now  packed and when the lights went out, Pantera’s “Walk” blared through the house speakers. At its conclusion, the band hit the stage, and yes, vocalist Todd La Torre was wearing his sunglasses although he immediately took them off. “In Extremis,” from the new album, started off the set. Guitarists Mike Stone and Michael Wilton quickly jumped up on the center platform to jam together as the crowd responded frenetically. We also got see the live debut of “Lost In Sorrow.”



La Torre took a second to mention how hot it was, an observation that was not lost on the fans and staff. La Torre announced an “oldie but a goodie” as the band went on to play “Spreading The Disease,” its 1st performance since 2012. La Torre told the fans that they would be playing a lot of new material and the 18-song set featured 5 songs from the Digital Noise Alliance album. The set also featured the live debuts of older material such as “Inner Unrest” and 1982’s “Don’t Look Back.” Drummer Casey Grillo is a monster on the skins, but he remains one of the toughest to photograph. Co-founder and bassist, Eddie Jackson, was stellar as he put his Mike Lull bass to good work. 


La Torre crushed the high notes on “Queen Of The Reich,” which just so happens to be the 1st Queensrÿche song I ever heard back in the early 80s. “Eyes Of A Stranger” rounded out the set and then it was on to the encore. 1984’s The Warning album produced both songs of the finale, the 1st being “Deliverance.” That last time it was performed live was 1987. The masterful “Roads To Madness” finished off the night. At more than 9 minutes long, this epic song embodies all that is Queensrÿche, and was a perfect choice to end a perfect night. 


The Digital Noise Alliance Tour has just started, so there are plenty of opportunities to catch this hard-rocking trio of bands. Please take a moment to follow all of these artists online (links below).



Casey Grillo – Drums
Eddie Jackson – Bass
Todd La Torre – Vocals
Mike Stone – Guitar
Michael Wilton – Guitar




1.In Extremis

2.Lost In Sorrow

3.Spreading The Disease

4.Child Of Fire

5.En Force

6.Don’t Look Back




10.Jet City Woman

11.Inner Unrest


13.Behind The Walls

14.Queen Of The Reich

15.My Empty Room

16.Eyes Of A Stranger



18.Roads To Madness





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