jakub | May 26, 2024

Roo AOTD #105 Cigarettes After Sex

All aboard the hype train for Bonnaroo 2024! Only 18 days until we are all on the Farm again, can you believe it? It’s coming up fast and we can’t wait to be dancing with all of you at Bonnaroo! Today’s Artist of the Day is the one and only Cigarettes After Sex. Learn more about the artist below. Don’t forget to check out all of our artist spotlights! Thank you for reading these posts!

Artist Biography

Cigarettes After Sex is an indie-pop collective formed in El Paso, Texas. In 2008, Greg Gonzalez was a student at the University of Texas experimenting with capturing the recording of songs in a four-story stairwell at the university. These tunes became the 2012 debut EP for Cigarettes After Sex titled I. Greg moved to Brooklyn and continued to work on his band project with a rotating cast of collaborators. The group found success in releasing singles, EPs, and popular YouTube clips. In 2017, the band released their self-titled debut album. Two years later Cigarettes After Sex released their second album Cry which charted across Europe and hit number one in Portugal. In 2022, Greg released the EP Charm of Pleasure which was a collaboration with composer Daniele Luppi. The EP featured instruments like the harp, mallet percussion, synths, and various strings to create a symphonic atmosphere. The latest release from Cigarettes After Sex is the 2024 single “Dark Vacay.”


Ambient Pop, Alternative, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Scheduled at Bonnaroo

Saturday (Link to Daily Schedules)

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