jakub | April 22, 2023

Roo AOTD #66 Dehd – The Festival Voice

All aboard the hype train for Bonnaroo 2023! Only 54 days until we are all on the Farm again, can you believe it? It’s coming up fast and we can’t wait to be dancing with all of you at Bonnaroo! Today’s Artist of the Day is the one and only Dehd. Learn more about the artist below. Don’t forget to check out all of our artist spotlights! Check back in with us tomorrow for the next Artist of The Day!

Artist Biography

Dehd is a Chicago rock outfit that came out of the city’s D.I.Y. rock scene. Formed in the year 2015, the band started with couple guitarist Jason Balla and bassist/vocalist Emily Kempf who were active in the local scene playing for multiple bands such as Vail, Lala Lala, Ne-Hi, and Earring. The pair got Eric McGrady to play drums, however he had never played drums before joining Dehd, so his kit started with a floor tom and snare. This minimalist approach helped define the sound of the band. In 2016, Dehd released their debut self-titled album that came with heaving touring. The next year, Jason and Emily ended their relationship but kept the band together and channeled their sadness into their songwriting. This fueled their album Flower of Devotion which came in 2020. Post pandemic, Dehd released their latest album Blue Skies in 2022 which scaled up from their previous production with subtle experimentation using electronics.


Pop Punk, Post-Punk, Bubblegrunge

Scheduled at Bonnaroo

Thursday (Link to Daily Schedules)

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