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Sadie Jean Is Basking in the Spotlight of Fame at ‘Simple Like 17’ Tour’s Opening Night at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, New York on April 20, 2024

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Thanks to her Ex-Boyfriend, Sadie Jean Finds herself

Basking in the Spotlight of Fame at ‘Simple Like 17’ Tour’s Opening Night in Brooklyn April 20, 2024



At fifty minutes past eight in the evening, the air was thick with anticipation as the crowd gathered outside the Baby’s All Right venue, eagerly awaiting the start of the Simple Like 17 tour’s opening night in Brooklyn, New York. The buzz of excitement was palpable, a feeling that only intensified as Sadie Jean took to the stage. Dressed in a dark Cherry red skirt, adorned with a seductive black lace trim that seemed to whisper secrets, daring to dream beyond their wildest imaginations and captivating the attention of those who gazed upon her raw emotion and undeniable talent under the bright lights. Her stiletto knee-high heel boots clicked ominously on the floor, leaving a trail of lost love and lessons learned in her wake as she smiled across the dimly lit room of a starry-eyed audience, awaiting to hang on her every word and note as she gripped the microphone like an open envelope in a warm embrace.

Instead of graduating from NYU, Jean belted out hits and headlined her first tour, Simple Like 17. Like a new generation’s Taylor Swift, Sadie Jean, goes above and beyond for her fans. She has taken their phones mid-performance, snapping selfies of herself, sharing an unreleased song, that’s soon to be released, titled “Shut Up About It,” and giving apropos proposes, daring the crowd as they’re still erupting into cheers and whistles, “text someone and tell them that you miss them and it’s not too late to make things right.” Both heartfelt and empowering — about the few male muses for her break-up pop ballads. From the first ex, the third ex, and the one ex-boyfriend in the middle.

Sadie Jean’s romantic history unfolds like a carefully orchestrated pattern of repetition and betrayal. Her first and third relationships mirror each other in eerie symmetry, with both partners adorning the number six on their sports jerseys and the duration of their courtship. Strangely enough, both relationships unraveled at the ten-month mark, as if predetermined by some unseen force. And to add insult to injury, both men strayed, seeking solace in the arms of blonde volleyball players. Through these unsettling parallels, Jean is left questioning the cruel irony of it all. “ It felt like the universe was trying to tell me something,” Jean remarked, “like you’re really stupid.” A young female admirer amidst the throng suddenly blurts out, “You’re too pretty for them anyway.”

From breakups to breakthroughs, Sadie Jean, the 21-year-old American singer-songwriter like the queen of the breakup song, Taylor Swift, has connected with millions of people on the TikTok platform, captivating listeners over the pop release of her viral debut single, “WYD Now?” The acronym in the title, “WYD Now,” encapsulates the persistent question of the spurned lover: What’re You Doing Now? At the close of receiving DMs and emails from fans, sharing how Sadie Jean’s music brought them and their exes together, Sadie, now alone, has shared a bittersweet sigh of air, stirring up memories of a love that once was. The haunting lyrics paint a picture of a figure standing alone under the harsh glow of an exit sign, a bittersweet reminder of a missed opportunity for connection. Sadie grapples with the realization that the person in the back of the show couldn’t possibly be her former lover, who always held a prominent place in their life, front and center. The mention of setting the bar above the moon adds a sense of unattainable perfection to her memory, making it even more tragic to move on.

Without hesitation, Sadie Jean volunteered the crowd to proceed in unity and sing along to the chorus lines of, “I don’t wanna be twenty-somethin” and still in my head about seventeen in my bedroom talkin’, captures perfectly the feeling of nostalgia and longing for a past relationship. A sense of yearning for the simplicity and innocence of youth, while also acknowledging the reality of growing older and the complexities that come with it. The imagery of painting the walls of a shared apartment together adds a touch of intimacy and domesticity to the song, making it feel relatable and heartfelt.

Redemption and forgiveness. In closing, the curtain of the Simple Like 17 tour. A Saturday in Brooklyn, New York is enraptured in intimacy with its sad, coming-of-age records, and has brought Sadie to this beautiful, happy point; bringing back memories of laughter and happiness. Sadie knows it, and the crowd, which laughs and cheers in response, knows it, too. Songs play a powerful role in normalizing our experience, making us feel that we’re not this alone, broken, lost kind of person. Instead, songs make us reflect on how the possibilities of the future no longer feel bleak, making it easier to front the emotions tied to our past. But what truly set this life concert apart was Sadie Jean’s raw and unfiltered emotion as she poured her heart out on stage, thanking her ex-boyfriend for the pain and heartbreak he brought into her life, ultimately propelling her into the spotlight of her music career. The crowd was captivated by the bittersweet irony of it all, as Sadie belted out lyrics that spoke to the pain and triumph of love lost and found. It was a performance that left everyone in attendance at Baby’s All Right, questioning their own relationships and the power they hold over their destinies. “I just want to take a second and say thank you again, ” said Sadie, “for being here.” “This has been my dream my whole life and I’m never going to forget tonight.”









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