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Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows

• Atlantic Theater Company / Linda Gross Theater
• First Preview: November 17, 2023
• Opening: December 12, 2023
• Book: Marco Ramirez
• Music and Lyrics: Buena Vista Social Club
• Director: Saheem Ali
• Cast: Skizzo Arnedilla, Renesito Avich, Natalie Belcon, Angélica Beliard, Kenya Browne, Danaya Esperanza, Carlos Sanchez Falú, Jared Machado, Hector Juan Maisonet, Ilda Mason, Marielys Molina, Julio Monge, Leonardo Reyna, Mel Semé, Olly Sholotan, Jainardo Batista Sterling, Nancy Ticotin, Luis Vega

• Irene Diamond Stage @ The Pershing Square Signature Center
• First Preview: December 6, 2023
• Opening: December 17. 2023
• Playwright: Tennessee Williams
• Director: Emily Mann
• Cast: Tim Daly, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Lea DeLaria, Austin Pendleton, Jean Lichty, Carmen Berkeley, Eliud Kauffman, Keith Randolph Smith, Bradley James Tejeda, Dan Teixeira

A defrocked clergyman encounters inside disturbances amid outside disturbances at the Costa Verde Hotel in Acapulco as the world prepares for World War II. After four women of different ages and backgrounds, along with a 97-year-old poet, engage in the clergyman's spiritual struggles, their lives leap dramatically forward.

• Theatre For A New Audience @ Polonsky Shakespeare Center
• Opening: January 17, 2024
• Playwright: Shayok Misha Chowdhury
• Director: Shayok Misha Chowdhury
• Cast: Tashnuva Anan, Abrar Haque, Golam Sarwar Harun, Gargi Muhkerjee, NaFis, Jakeem Dante Powell, Debashis Roy Chowdhury

Public Obscenities explores the pleasures and pitfalls of living in translation as it follows a queer studies PhD student returning to his family home in Kolkata with his Black American boyfriend.

• Irish Repertory Theatre
• First Preview: January 11, 2024
• Opening: January 21, 2024
• Playwright: Brian Friel
• Director: Charlotte Moore
• Cast: Roger Dominic Casey, Meg Hennessy, Tom Holcomb, Colin Lane, Shane McNaughton, Tim Ruddy, Danielle Ryan, Sarah Street

Ballybeg Hall once played host to grand balls, musical evenings, tennis parties: its rooms busy, bursting with painters, poets and politicians. And presiding over all of it, the imposing figure of Judge O’Donnell. Now, on the eve of a wedding, the O’Donnell children return to their ancestral home to find that the rot has set in.

• Theatre Three @ Theatre Row
• First Preview: January 17, 2024
• Opening: January 25, 2024
• Music: Natalie Brice
• Book and Lyrics: Brian Belding
• Director: Will Nunziata
• Cast: Jo Ellen Pellman, Mike Cefalo, Kennedy Kanagawa, Laura Sky Herman, Paolo Montalban, Sam Gravitte, Cole Thompson, Ellis Gage, Dani Apple

Based on a true story, White Rose: The Musical follows a group of university student activists who stood up to Hitler in Nazi Germany, risking everything by creating and distributing leaflets that challenged his propaganda.

• WP Theater
• Opening: January 27, 2024
• Playwright: Corinne Jaber
• Director: Lee Sunday Evans
• Cast: TBA

Childhood friends, Caroline and Alice reestablish contact after more than 20 years. As they begin to unravel shared memories, they discover the part that Caroline’s father, a renowned theater actor, played in both their lives and how it affects them to this very day. Corinne Jaber’s new play captures the wild vulnerability of youth and the heavy armature of adulthood in unsparing, theatrical detail.

• Roundabout Theatre Company – Laura Pels Theatre
• First Preview: January 11, 2024
• Opening: February 1, 2024
• Playwright: Rachel Bonds
• Director: Danya Taymor
• Cast: Gabby Beans, Samuel Henry Levine, Hagan Oliveras, John Zdrojeski

What’s your fantasy? Ana knows that everybody has one—her especially, and she’d do anything to make it come true. And when she meets Jonah, a sweet and caring student at her boarding school, everything she’s ever wanted is finally falling into place. Except Jonah, like everything else in this play, is not all that he seems.

• The Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space/Susan & Ronald Frankel Theater
• First Preview: January 22, 2024
• Opening: February 1, 2024
• Playwright: Sean Daniels
• Director: Sheryl Kaller
• Cast: Joe Tapper, Crystal Dickinson, Jason Tam

Steven is on top of the world: he’s married, has good friends, and is steps away from his dream job running one of the hottest theaters in the country. He also happens to be an alcoholic spinning out of control. Follow his life from first sip to first love, critical hit to critical care, all the way to rock bottom, where he carves an unusual path to sobriety. The White Chip is a wry and wild theatrical journey to recovery.


• Vineyard Theatre
• First Preview: Januarry 25, 2024
• Opening: February 3, 2024
• Playwright: Sarah Gancher
• Director: Darko Tresnjak
• Cast:TBA

Steve likes Masha; Masha likes Nikolai; and Egor just wants to win a microwave. It’s another day at the office for the workers of St. Petersburg’s infamous (real-life) Internet Research Agency, whose job is manipulating social media to advance Russia’s agenda at home and abroad. Set in the lead-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, office comedy meets political satire in Sarah Gancher’s shape-shifting examination of the power, seduction, and danger of a good story.

• The Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space / Newman Mills Theater
• First Preview: January 12, 2024
• Opening: February 6, 2024
• Music and Lyrics: Jason Robert Brown
• Book: Jonathan Marc Sherman
• Director: Daisy Prince
• Cast: Scott Bakula, Joanna Carpenter, Max Crumm, Hannah Cruz, George Dvorsky, Danielle Lee Greaves, Mylinda Hull, Cedric Lamar, Jessica Molaskey, Fergie Philippe, Elisea Román, Ashley Pérez Flanagan, Ben Levi Ross, Kyle Sherman, Ann Sanders, Michael Winther

From Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown (Parade) comes a timely new musical about two talented young journalists on increasingly diverging paths. Set in the late 1990s amid a rapidly changing media landscape we meet a fast-rising journalist, Ethan Dobson, and an assistant copy editor, Robin Martinez, at the revered magazine The Connector. In a world that values the next big sensation, Ethan’s writing prowess and ambition force him to confront how far he’ll go for the ultimate scoop and Robin to consider how far she’ll go to stop him.

• Greenwich House Theater
• First Preview: January 25, 2024
• Opening: February 11, 2024
• Playwright: William Shakespeare, adapted by Mark Izzard
• Director: Selena Cadell
• Cast: Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard plays 23 roles in a solo adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

• Tony Kiser Theatre
• First Preview: January 31, 2024
• Opening: February 13, 2024
• Playwright: Kate Douglas
• Director: Kate Whoriskey
• Cast: Gabby Beans, April Matthis, Carmen M. Herlihy, Taylor Schilling

22 years in the future, two lab assistants hatch a plan that could change the world. All they need are a few volunteers.

• York Theatre Company @ New World Stages, Stage 1
• First Preview: February 7, 2024
• Opening: February 22, 2024
• Book: Lindsey Hope Pearlman
• Music and Lyrics: Various
• Director: Gabriel Barre
• Cast: TBA

In 1965, one woman’s incredible journey begins to the soundtrack of a generation. In this whirlwind of flower power, free love, and rock & roll, one aspirational young woman finds herself in New York City – ready to dive into this brave new world.

• New World Stages Stage 5
• First Preview: February 14, 2024
• Opening: February 22, 2024
• Playwright: Alex Brightman
• Director: Chad Rabinovitz
• Cast: Marc Summers

Part interactive game show, part memoir, The Life and Slimes of Marc Summers follows the infamous host from the set of the children's game show Double Dare to the Food Network, where he has now worked for more than 20 years.

• Classic Stage Company
• First Preview: February 8, 2024
• Opening: February 26, 2024
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Ben Steinfield
• Cast: Jessie Austrian, Noah Brody, Paul L. Coffey, Andy Grotelueschen, Devin E. Haqq, Ben Steinfeld, Paco Tolson, Tatiana Wechsler, Emily Young.

Pericles, the Prince of Tyre, travels to Antioch to solve a riddle posed by the King. Shakespeare's magical tale is a fantastical journey of loss and redemption.

• Audible Theatre @ Minetta Lane Theatre
• First Preview: February 28, 2024
• Opening: March 10, 2024
• Book: Itamar Moses
• Music and Lyrics: David Yazbek and Erik Della Penna
• Director: David Cromerr
• Cast: TBA

Elmer McCurdy was an ambitious, turn-of-the-20th-century outlaw whose death at the hands of a Western posse ended a life of failed crime and alcoholism and began a brilliant career as a mummified side-show attraction that travelled the USA for decades. By the time this journey ended, his name had been forgotten and his desiccated body was hanging in a house-of-horrors ride at an amusement park in Southern California, spray-painted a day-glo orange. Then one day, a grip for the “Six-Million Dollar Man” TV show jostled what he thought was “just a dummy” and an arm fell off, revealing a human bone and beginning a hunt for the origins of this enigma.

• Lincoln Center Theater @ Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre
• First Preview: February 15, 2024
• Opening: March 11, 2024
• Playwright: J.T. Rogers
• Director: Bartlett Sher
• Cast: TBA

Corruption tells the story behind the story of the phone hacking scandal that engulfed Rupert Murdoch’s media empire in 2011, stunning the world and upending British politics. When Parliament member Tom Watson is maliciously smeared by the newspapers of Murdoch’s News International, he decides to fight back – taking on its larger-than-life leader Rebekah Brooks. But what he uncovers is far more insidious than he ever imagined. As Watson and a small band of journalists, lawyers, and politicians struggle to expose the endemic criminality at the heart of this media monolith, they risk their careers and, at times, their very lives.

• The Shed
• First Preview: March 3, 2024
• Opening: March 13, 2024
• Playwright: Lucy Prebble
• Director: Jamie Lloyd
• Cast: Paapa Essiedu, Taylor Russell, Michael Austin, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith

What impulses define who we really are? As Connie and Tristan settle into their participation in a clinical drug trial, they begin to fall in love. But how can they be sure it’s the real thing and not an exhilarating side effect of the new antidepressant they’re taking? The supervising doctors begin to ask themselves questions too: where do they draw the line between love and ethics?

• Irish Repertory Theatre
• First Preview: March 16, 2024
• Opening: March 24, 2024
• Playwright: Brian Friel
• Director: Ciarán O’Reilly
• Cast: TBA

Gareth O'Donnell leaves his life in Ireland behind for fame and fortune in America, expressing his feelings through his two sides — the shy and dutiful public side and the angry, defiant private side — in Brian Friel's comedy.

• Theatre For A New Audience @ Polonsky Shakespeare Center
• Opening: April 5, 2024
• Playwright: Zinnie Harris
• Director: Zinnie Harris
• Cast: Nicole Cooper

Macbeth (an undoing) asks if we have really heard the whole story of Lady Macbeth with a re-imagination of the iconic character's trajectory.

• Atlantic Theater Company / Linda Gross Theater
• First Preview: May 16, 2024
• Opening: June 12, 2024
• Playwright: Lucy Kirkwood
• Director: Sarah Benson
• Cast: TBA

Rural England, 1759. As the country awaits the return of Halley’s comet, a young woman is sentenced to death. When she tries to escape the noose by claiming she is pregnant, twelve ordinary women are gathered to decide whether she is telling the truth. A dark, fierce, funny play about democracy and housework.

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