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Slightly Stoopid Headlines Reggae Rise Up Florida in St. Petersburg, Florida on March 16, 2024


The 9th edition of Reggae Rise Up Florida took place at Vinoy Park in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida on Tampa Bay, March 14-17, 2024. The bayfront venue provided stunning views of the pier and the buildings downtown. Festival goers could be spotted sitting along the water, watching the boats and kayaks float by, and enjoying the nightly sunsets. There were tons of food and drink vendors to choose from, as well as every kind of merchandise you could want, from artist and festival gear to jewelry to custom artwork. Several artists were painting murals throughout the weekend, adding to the creative vibe. 



Saturday, March 16 was a beautiful day of music. Gates opened at noon and the music began at 12:30. There were two full-size stages at either end of the festival grounds, with all of the vendors located in between. There was very little overlap in the set times, so fans were able to catch almost everything they would want to. There was a small third stage along the waterfront, where Sugar Shack Sessions had four performances each day in a more intimate setting. The weather cooled off a bit from the day before, with a slight breeze coming off the Tampa Bay.




The full lineup for Reggae Rise Up Florida on Saturday, March 16, 2024 was as follows:



Slightly Stoopid



Surfer Girl

Sammy Johnson

Pacific Dub

The Sub Herbs



Fortunate Youth

Bumpin Uglies

KBong & Johnny Cosmic


The Wide Eyed Kids

Sons of Paradise



Surfer Girl

La Tribu Royale


Bumpin Uglies



Pacific Dub was one of many southern California bands to grace the Reggae Rise Up Florida stages on a gorgeous Saturday. Their bright, sunny sound was a perfect introduction to a pleasant day at the park.

The Wide Eyed Kids are based in San Diego, and they epitomize the chill attitude with their slow groove sounds.

Sammy Johnson is a crooner, with an R&B approach to his sound. Things were still slowly brewing as the hottest part of the day hit the park, as more and more fans made their way back into the festival.

Seranation is a local band, based right in St. Petersburg, Florida. They probably had a shorter ride to Reggae Rise Up Florida than most of the crowd did. They definitely add a taste of Florida to their sound. Their stage presence is highly animated, and the action really got started once they hit the stage mid-afternoon.

Surfer Girl is a super chill 3 piece band. They probably should have played before Seranation, as the energy on stage seemed to ramp up as the day went on.

KBong & Johnny Cosmic were extremely entertaining, trading off vocals and guitar parts, and really playing off of each other. San Diego based KBong is also a member of Stick Figure – one of the genre’s top bands. This show offered up a nice twist and went over very well with the fans.

Yelawolf was the most intriguing artist on the lineup. His stage set was the front of a giant train engine, with his DJ perched up high, spinning all kinds of cuts. Yelawolf is most known for rapping, but he mixed rap with singing, as well as some stand-up comedy. The highlight of the show was his a cappella version of “Redemption Song” in tribute to Bob Marley.

Even though Bumpin Uglies is from Maryland on the East Coast, they are heavily influenced sonically and lyrically by southern Cali legends Sublime. Their party vibe was perfect timing as the sun began to set over downtown St. Pete and fans were gearing up for a wild Saturday night.

Iration epitomizes the surf reggae blend that California is known for. All members came from Hawaii, bringing the island vibes to the skatepunk shores. The blend is infectious, and the enjoyment that Iration displays on stage is easily spread throughout the audience.

Fortunate Youth continued the SoCal energy and spirit of peace, love, and unity, closing out the Vibe Stage as night descended on Reggae Rise Up. Their blend of influences makes for an enjoyable show every time they play. Their positivity flows across the festival grounds, raising spirits all around.

Slightly Stoopid ended the night on the Rise Up Stage. San Diego is the southernmost city in California, and every style of music follows the waves down to the shores where Slightly Stoopid has perfected its sound and stagecraft. St. Petersburg certainly rose up in spirit on this incredible day of good times, good friends and good vibes.






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